B82476B1 SMT Inductors

TDK offers EPCOS' B82476B1 SMT Inductors with increased current capability

Image of Epcos' B82476B1 SMT InductorsTDK Corporation presents their series of EPCOS SMT power inductors whose current capability is 10 percent higher than existing types. The components of the improved and highly-reliable B82476B1*M100 series of SMT power inductors are designed for rated currents between 0.33 A and 7.5 A. The spectrum of inductance values ranges from 1.0 μH to 1000 μH, and the typical DC resistance is between 6.0 mΩ and 1.95 Ω.

The power inductors, which are qualified to AEC-Q200, are suitable for operating temperatures from -55°C to +150°C and fulfill the rigorous requirements for automotive electronics applications. Designed with a base plate, the unshielded components offer high mechanical stability. These inductors have a footprint of 12.95 mm x 9.40 mm and an insertion height of 5.08 mm. The components are RoHS compatible and suitable for lead-free soldering to JEDEC J-STD-020D. The main applications for the high-power inductors are DC-DC converters in automotive electronics and switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) for demanding industrial electronics applications.

  • RoHS compatible and suitable for lead-free soldering to JEDEC J-STD-020D
  • 10 percent higher current capability than existing types
  • High rated currents of up to 7.5 A
  • Broad spectrum of inductance values from 1.0 µH to 1000 µH
  • Broad operating temperature range from -55°C to +150°C 
  • Qualified to AEC-Q200
  • SMPS with high requirements on temperature range and reliability
  • DC-DC converters in automotive electronics

B82476B1 SMT Inductors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
B82476B1154M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 150UH 1.1A 330 MOHMB82476B1154M100FIXED IND 150UH 1.1A 330 MOHM2957 - Immediate
B82476B1154M100 product page link
B82476B1105M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 1MH 330MA 2.15 OHM SMDB82476B1105M100FIXED IND 1MH 330MA 2.15 OHM SMD1613 - Immediate
B82476B1105M100 product page link
B82476B1683M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 68UH 1.65A 160 MOHMB82476B1683M100FIXED IND 68UH 1.65A 160 MOHM1808 - Immediate
B82476B1683M100 product page link
B82476B1224M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 220UH 880MA 530 MOHMB82476B1224M100FIXED IND 220UH 880MA 530 MOHM2187 - Immediate
B82476B1224M100 product page link
B82476B1473M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 47UH 1.95A 120 MOHMB82476B1473M100FIXED IND 47UH 1.95A 120 MOHM1381 - Immediate
B82476B1473M100 product page link
B82476B1682M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 6.8UH 4.8A 21 MOHM SMDB82476B1682M100FIXED IND 6.8UH 4.8A 21 MOHM SMD1329 - Immediate
B82476B1682M100 product page link
B82476B1332M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 3.3UH 5.9A 13.5 MOHMB82476B1332M100FIXED IND 3.3UH 5.9A 13.5 MOHM1270 - Immediate
B82476B1332M100 product page link
B82476B1223M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 22UH 2.95A 50 MOHM SMDB82476B1223M100FIXED IND 22UH 2.95A 50 MOHM SMD1167 - Immediate
B82476B1223M100 product page link
B82476B1472M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 4.7UH 5.3A 16.5 MOHMB82476B1472M100FIXED IND 4.7UH 5.3A 16.5 MOHM1153 - Immediate
B82476B1472M100 product page link
B82476B1103M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 10UH 4.3A 27 MOHM SMDB82476B1103M100FIXED IND 10UH 4.3A 27 MOHM SMD1121 - Immediate
B82476B1103M100 product page link
B82476B1334M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 330UH 650MA 810 MOHMB82476B1334M100FIXED IND 330UH 650MA 810 MOHM1105 - Immediate
B82476B1334M100 product page link
B82476B1474M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 470UH 550MA 1.1 OHMB82476B1474M100FIXED IND 470UH 550MA 1.1 OHM778 - Immediate
B82476B1474M100 product page link
B82476B1333M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 33UH 2.3A 88 MOHM SMDB82476B1333M100FIXED IND 33UH 2.3A 88 MOHM SMD788 - Immediate
B82476B1333M100 product page link
B82476B1102M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 1UH 7.5A 8 MOHM SMDB82476B1102M100FIXED IND 1UH 7.5A 8 MOHM SMD740 - Immediate
B82476B1102M100 product page link
B82476B1104M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 100UH 1.4A 230 MOHMB82476B1104M100FIXED IND 100UH 1.4A 230 MOHM722 - Immediate
B82476B1104M100 product page link
B82476B1684M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 680UH 430MA 1.6 OHMB82476B1684M100FIXED IND 680UH 430MA 1.6 OHM676 - Immediate
B82476B1684M100 product page link
B82476B1222M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 2.2UH 6.7A 10.5 MOHMB82476B1222M100FIXED IND 2.2UH 6.7A 10.5 MOHM395 - Immediate
B82476B1222M100 product page link
B82476B1153M100 datasheet linkFIXED IND 15UH 3.4A 40 MOHM SMDB82476B1153M100FIXED IND 15UH 3.4A 40 MOHM SMD332 - Immediate
B82476B1153M100 product page link
Published: 2013-12-06