EPC Low Voltage eGaN® FETs

Innovate...Design with GaN!

EPC’s enhancement mode gallium nitride transistors offer designers high performance replacements for power MOSFETs in applications such as switch mode power supplies, wireless power transmission, envelope tracking, RF transmission, and Class-D audio amplifiers.


  • Ultra low Rds(on) per area
  • Ultra fast switching
  • Low inductance chip scale packaging
  • Ultra Small
  • Zero reverse recovery (Qrr)

Product Portfolio

EPC's current product portfolio ranges from 40 V to 200 V

Part Number VDS VGS Max
ID Package
Buy Now
EPC2015 40 6 4 2.2 3 18.5 33 LGA 4.1x1.6 Buy Now
EPC2014 40 6 16 0.48 0.67 4.8 10 LGA 1.7x1.1 Buy Now
EPC2001 100 6 7 2.2 2.3 35 25 LGA 4.1x1.6 Buy Now
EPC2016 100 6 16 0.7 0.99 20 11 LGA 2.1x1.6 Buy Now
EPC2007 100 6 30 0.6 0.5 10 6 LGA 1.7x1.1 Buy Now
EPC2010 200 6 25 1.7 1.3 40 12 LGA 3.6x1.6 Buy Now
EPC2012 200 6 100 0.57 0.33 11 3 LGA 1.7x0.9 Buy Now

Evaluation Boards

EPC’s half bridge development boards simplify the evaluation process of our eGaN FETs by including all the critical components and layout for optimal switching performance on a single board that can be easily connected into any existing converter.

Part Number VDS (max) VD (max RMS) (A) Featured Products Buy Now
EPC9001 40 15 EPC2015 Buy Now
EPC9002 100 10 EPC2001 Buy Now
EPC9003 200 5 EPC2010 Buy Now
EPC9004 200 3 EPC2012 Buy Now
EPC9005 40 7 EPC2014 Buy Now
EPC9006 100 5 EPC2007 Buy Now
EPC9010 100 7 EPC2016 Buy Now

EPC’s full circuit demonstration boards evaluate the performance of EPC’s eGaN FETs in a fully functioning working design.

Part Number Description Featured Products Buy Now
EPC9101 19 V to 1.2 V Buck Converter EPC2015/EPC2014 Buy Now
EPC9102 15 W, 6.78 MHz Class D Wireless Power System EPC2001 Buy Now
EPC9107 28 V to 3.3 V Buck Converter EPC2015 Buy Now


Technology Overview
Making eGaN FETs Easier to Use Making eGaN FETs Easier to Use
Alex Lidow, CEO and Co-Founder of EPC, explores the four key variables needed for the GaN trnsistor to displace the venerable, but aged, silicon MOSFET.
Another Geek Moment - EPC eGaN FETs Another Geek Moment - EPC eGaN FETs
An in-depth look at EPCs' enhancement mode gallium nitride (eGaN®) FETs. Features include ultra-high efficiency, small footprint, Ultra-low RDS(ON) & more.
High Frequency Resonant Converters High Frequency Resonant Converters
David Reush, Director of Applications, discusses the ability of the eGaN FET to improve efficieny and power density in an isolated, high frequency 48 V intermediate Bus Converter (IBC) with a 12 V output using a soft switched topology.
RF Envelope Tracking RF Envelope Tracking
In this video EPC demonstrates what power and efficiency levels are readily reliable using eGaN FETs in a buck converter to high power envelope tracking applications.
Wireless Power Transfer Wireless Power Transfer
In this video EPC demonstrates how the superior switching capabilities of the eGaN FET make these gallium nitride pwoer transistors an ideal alternative to the silicon MOSFET for wireless power transfer applications.
Reference Designs
Isolated DC-DC Converters Isolated DC-DC Converters
In this video EPC applications engineers explore the advantages of eGaN power transistors over silicon MOSFETS in both hard switched and soft switched topologies.
1 MHz Buck Converter 1 MHz Buck Converter
Johan Strydom, Vice President of Applications, explains the benefits of using eGaN FETs in a 1MHz buck converter to reduce system size and cost.
200 W 1/8th Brick Converter 200 W 1/8th Brick Converter
Michael de Rooij, Senior Director of Applications, explains the benefits of using eGaN FETs to significantly improve the efficiency of isolated eight brick DC-DC converters.
eGaN FET Die Attach eGaN FET Die Attach
This video provides a demonstration of the proper procedure for attaching a lead free eGaN FET die to a printed circuit board.
eGaN FET Die Removal eGaN FET Die Removal
This video provides a demonstration of the proper procedure for the removal of a lead free eGaN FET die from a printed circuit board.

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