Hybrid, High-Power 3.8 V Supercapacitors – HS Series

Eaton's hybrid supercapacitors are high-reliability, high-power, ultra-high capacitance energy storage devices

Image of Eaton HS/HSL Series Hybrid SupercapacitorsEaton HS hybrid supercapacitors offer between 30 F and 220 F of capacitance with a maximum working voltage of 3.8 V. The energy densities are closer to those of conventional batteries and up to 10 times higher than standard supercapacitors because of the carbon and lithium doped graphite design. The small footprint of the hybrid cylindrical cells and lithium chemistry make the HS hybrid supercapacitors ideal for a host of high energy and industrial power applications.

These capacitors, also known as Lithium capacitors, can be applied as the sole energy storage or in combination with batteries to optimize cost, lifetime, and runtime. System requirements can range from a few microwatts to megawatts. All products feature low ESR for high power density with environmentally friendly materials for a green power solution. Eaton supercapacitors are maintenance-free with design lifetimes up to 20 years (supercapacitor lifetimes vary based on charge voltage and temperature) and operating temperatures down to -15°C up to +85°C (with linear voltage derating to 3.5 V at +85°C).

HS Series Product Aid

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  • High power and ultra-high capacitance
  • Up to 10 times higher energy density than standard supercapacitors
  • Small footprints for space-saving (10.5 mm x 18 mm to 16.5 mm x 27 mm package sizes)
  • Operating temperature range: -15°C to +70°C (see datasheet for extended temp range)
  • Low ESR and ultra-low leakage current to minimize power waste
  • Lead and halogen-free, RoHS and REACH compliant, UL registered
  • Industrial backup/ride through
  • Backup for storage servers
  • Water and gas smart meters
  • IoT energy storage
  • Medical backup power/alarm
  • Commercial trucks/containers asset tracking

HS Series Hybrid Supercapacitors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCapacitanceESR (Equivalent Series Resistance)Lifetime @ Temp.Available QuantityView Details
CAP HYBRID 30F 20% 3.8V THHS1016-3R8306-RCAP HYBRID 30F 20% 3.8V TH30F550mOhm1000 Hrs @ 70°C348 - ImmediateView Details
CAP HYBRID 50F 20% 3.8V THHS1020-3R8506-RCAP HYBRID 50F 20% 3.8V TH50F450mOhm1000 Hrs @ 70°C93 - ImmediateView Details
CAP HYBRID 70F 20% 3.8V THHS1025-3R8706-RCAP HYBRID 70F 20% 3.8V TH70F250mOhm1000 Hrs @ 70°C0View Details
CAP HYBRID 120F 20% 3.8V THHS1225-3R8127-RCAP HYBRID 120F 20% 3.8V TH120F200mOhm1000 Hrs @ 70°C30 - ImmediateView Details
CAP HYBRID 220F 20% 3.8V THHS1625-3R8227-RCAP HYBRID 220F 20% 3.8V TH220F100mOhm1000 Hrs @ 70°C397 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2020-08-13