DLLFSD01 Switching Diodes

Diodes gives designers a competitive edge for ultra-low leakage current and super-fast speed applications

Image of Diodes' DLLFSD01 Switching DiodesDiodes introduces the ultra-low leakage and super-fast switching diode series. The initial release includes the DLLFSD01T that is housed in the SOD523 type case, the DLLFSD01LPH4 that is housed in the X2-DFN1006-2 type case, and the DLLFSD01LP3 that is housed in the X3-DFN0603-2 type case. These state-of-the-art SOD and DFN packages of low-profile and small form-factor, enable compact dimensions for applications where space is at a premium.

The DLLFSD01 series offers ultra-low leakage current (IR-5 nA), super-fast reverse recovery time (trr ≤ 4 ns), and extremely low total capacitance (CT-0.5 pF). These unique characteristics improve system power consumption as well as reduce the switching loss of the application circuit.

Delivering superior performance, these devices are ideally suited for the fully-automated assembly line commonly deployed in the manufacturing process. The SOD523, X2-DFN1006-2, and X3-DFN0603-2 packages are fully green and RoHS-compliant.

Features Applications
  • Ultra-small surface-mount package
  • Fast switching speed, fast reverse recovery time
  • Ultra-low reverse leakage current (5 nA @ VR = 5 V)
  • Low-capacitance (< 1 pF @ VR = 0 V)
  • Totally lead-free and fully RoHS-compliant
  • Halogen- and antimony-free: “green” device
  • LCD displays
  • Portable electronics
  • Mobile communication
  • Consumer products
  • Notebook and desktop computers
  • Computer peripherals

DLLFSD01 Switching Diodes

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DIODE GEN PURP 80V 100MA 2DFNDLLFSD01LP3-7DIODE GEN PURP 80V 100MA 2DFN21722 - ImmediateView Details
DIODE GP 80V 100MA X2-DFN1006-2DLLFSD01LPH4-7BDIODE GP 80V 100MA X2-DFN1006-23934 - ImmediateView Details
DIODE GEN PURP 80V 100MA SOD523DLLFSD01T-7DIODE GEN PURP 80V 100MA SOD5233466 - Immediate
30000 - Factory Stock
View Details
Published: 2015-07-08