AL8871Q 60 V Buck-Boost Controller with Thermal Foldback and Fault Detection

Diodes' LED driver provides a simple high-reliability solution for driving multiple extremely high-brightness LEDs in automotive applications

Image of Diodes' AL8871Q 60V Buck-Boost Controller Diodes' AL8871Q is an LED driver/controller IC for driving external MOSFETs to drive high-current LEDs. Its 60 V capability enables it to withstand load-dump conditions. Meanwhile, the buck-boost topology enables it to efficiently control the current through series-connected LEDs across the whole battery voltage range. Its modified hysteretic control scheme provides high output-current accuracy using only one current sense resistor. High-accuracy dimming is achieved through DC control and high-frequency PWM control. The AL8871Q uses two pins for fault diagnosis. A fault flag output highlights a fault, while the multi-level status pin gives further information on the exact fault. AL8871Q is automotive-compliant, qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 1, is PPAP capable, and is manufactured in IATF16949:2016 certified facilities.

  • Wide input voltage range: 5 V to 60 V
    • Operates across automotive supply ranges including transients
  • Two-pin diagnostic feedback pins: fault pin and status pin
    • Reports the state of LED drivers back to the system and load improves reliability of the overall system
  • LED thermal management via external thermistor
    • Improves reliability of LED lamps
  • Wide dynamic dimming range: PWM dimming and analog dimming
    • Analog dimming range: 10% to 100%
    • PWM dimming: 1000:1 dimming resolution capability
  • High-accuracy LED control: ±0.25% typical output current accuracy
    • Improved brightness control and matching between lamps
  • Head lamps
  • Fog lamps
  • Daytime running lights

AL8871Q 60 V Buck-Boost Controller with Thermal Foldback and Fault Detection

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeTopologyNumber of OutputsAvailable QuantityView Details
LED MV INT SWITCH TSSOP-16EPAL8871QT16E-13LED MV INT SWITCH TSSOP-16EPDC DC ControllerStep-Down (Buck), Step-Up (Boost)12500 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
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Published: 2019-08-19