600 V DIODESTAR™ Rectifiers

DIODESTAR is a proprietary process platform from Diodes Inc

Image of Diodes Incorporated's 600V DIODESTAR™ RectifiersDIODESTAR is a proprietary process platform from Diodes Inc. for the manufacture of next generation high voltage rectifiers. The DIODESTAR process generates rectifiers that are characterized by >400 V voltage handling, soft recovery, and ultra-fast switching. This process will support the production of a range of high voltage rectifiers for a variety of end applications, including LCD LED backlit TVs, consumer adapters, and notebook and desktop computers.

These 600 V high efficiency DIODESTAR components have enabled Diodes to enter the PFC market, which is both large and expanding rapidly. DIODESTAR parts offer credible second-source equivalent to ultra-fast industry standard rectifiers.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
DSRHD06-13 datasheet linkRECT BRIDGE 1A 600V T-MINIDIPDSRHD06-13RECT BRIDGE 1A 600V T-MINIDIP9973 - Immediate
DSRHD06-13 product page link
DSRHD02-13 datasheet linkRECT BRIDGE 1A 200V T-MINIDIPDSRHD02-13RECT BRIDGE 1A 200V T-MINIDIP11325 - Immediate
DSRHD02-13 product page link
DSRHD04-13 datasheet linkRECT BRIDGE 1A 400V T-MINIDIPDSRHD04-13RECT BRIDGE 1A 400V T-MINIDIP1105 - Immediate
DSRHD04-13 product page link
DSRHD10-13 datasheet linkRECT BRIDGE 1A 1KV T-MINIDIPDSRHD10-13RECT BRIDGE 1A 1KV T-MINIDIP4892 - Immediate
DSRHD10-13 product page link
DSRHD08-13 datasheet linkRECT BRIDGE 1A 800V T-MINIDIPDSRHD08-13RECT BRIDGE 1A 800V T-MINIDIP1525 - Immediate
DSRHD08-13 product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29