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In 2008, Delta introduced its own brand of standard power supplies which offer customers the same world class technology and quality that Delta's ODM partners demand. Due to the fast growing popularity of Delta's CliQ, CliQ II DIN Rail power supplies and PMC, PMT Panel-Mount power supplies series, Delta will be introducing many more standard product types including buffer modules and adapters.

External Power Adapters

In support of the US Department of Energy (DOE) EISA 2007 Level VI revision taking effect 10 February 2016, Delta's ADP, DPS and MDS families of external power supplies come equipped with minimum efficiencies in both Active Mode and No-Load Modes of operation that can meet Level VI requirements.​

In addition, the MDS product series have the required safety certifications to support both ITE and medical applications, while the ADP product series is fully approved to meet ITE requirements.

Along with universal AC input, features on certain models include low leakage current; 2 x MOPP isolation; overvoltage, overload, over temperature, and short-circuit protections; and CB Certification for worldwide use.

Series Description Voltage  
ADP 25-90W, Adapter for ITE applications 12V ADP 12V Product Page
19V ADP 19V Product Page
DPS 24-180W, Adapter for ITE applications 12V DPS 12V Product Page
24V DPS 24V Product Page
MDS 5-150W, Adapter for Medical and ITE applications 5V MDS 5V Product Page
12V MDS 12V Product Page
15V MDS 15V Product Page
19V MDS 19V Product Page
24V MDS 24V Product Page

LED Drivers

The LNE series are designed and rigorously tested for both indoor and outdoor applications and come in a range of high power levels, from 100 W to 185 W. The LNE series has adjustable constant-current and constant-voltage outputs. Three-way dimming is available with a fixed resistor, a 0 to 10 V control, or a PWM signal. The input is suitable for universal voltage of 90 VAC to 305 VAC. High-surge immunity (common mode 6 kV, differential mode 4 kV) and high-reliability (MTBF > 700,000 hours) make the Delta LNE series an essential part of an energy-efficient LED lighting power solution. All models in the LNE series come with a full corrosion-resistant aluminum casing, major international safety certifications, and are compliant with EN55015 immunity/emissions/harmonic requirements.

Series Description Wattage  
LNE Adjustable CC / CV LED Driver non-dimming 100W LNE Adjustable 100W Product Page
120W LNE Adjustable 120W Product Page
150W LNE Adjustable 150W Product Page
185W LNE Adjustable 185W Product Page
LNE Dimming CC / CV LED Driver with dimming 100W LNE Dimming 100W Product Page
120W LNE Dimming 120W Product Page
150W LNE Dimming 150W Product Page
185W LNE Dimming 185W Product Page

DIN Rail Power Supply

The CliQ, CliQ II, CliQ M, Lyte, Chrome and Sync series DIN Rail Power Supplies are the latest offerings from one of the world's largest leading power supply manufacturers and solution providers – Delta. The state-of-the-art design is made to withstand harsh industrial environments. The rugged, compact metal case and plastic case are both shock and vibration resistant according to IEC60068-2. Typical Applications include: IT, Industrial, Marine, Household, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, and other General applications.

The DIN rail modules are designed to work seamlessly with Delta CliQ family of power supplies to increase the operational reliability of the system it is connected with. These products include Buffer module, Redundancy module and DC-UPS module which can be used in most applications that can accommodate DIN rail power supplies.

Series Description Voltage  
CliQ 15-30W, DIN Rail w/ Power Boost up to 3s 12V CliQ 12V Product Page
24V CliQ 24V Product Page
CliQ II 60-480W, DIN Rail, w/ Power Boost up to 5s 24V CliQ II 24V Product Page
48V CliQ II 48V Product Page
CliQ M 80W-240W, DIN Rail w/ Advanced Power Boost 24V CliQ M Product Page
Chrome 10W-100W, Isolation Class II 5V Chrome 5V Product Page
12V Chrome 12V Product Page
24V Chrome 24V Product Page
Sync 30W, DIN Rail NEC Class 2 24V Sync Product Page
DRU 40A DIN Rail UPS module 24V CliQ II Product Page
DRB 20-40A, Din Rail Buffer Module 24V CliQ II Product Page
DRR 20-40A, Din Rail Redundancy Module 24V-48V CliQ II Product Page

Panel-Mount Power Supply

The Panel-Mount Power Supply - PMC and PMT series offer nominal output voltages of 4.2 V, 5 V, 12 V, 24 V and 48 V with output power rating from 15 W to 600 W. These single-phase power supply units have a wide operating temperature range from -10°C to +70°C. The products come with three different versatile connector options (Terminal Block, Front Face and Harness). All Panel-Mount Power Supply products are fully compliant with RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU for environmental protection for selected models.

Series Description Voltage  
PMC 15W-600W, Enclosed 5V PMC 5V Product Page
12V PMC 12V Product Page
24V PMC 24V Product Page
48V PMC 48V Product Page
PMF 200W-320W, Enclosed with high power factor 4.2V PMF 4.2V Product Page
5V PMF 5V Product Page
24V PMF 24V Product Page
PMH 50-100W, Enclosed for Household Standards 24V PMH Product Page
PMR 320W, Enclosed Low Profile for 1U installations 4.2V PMR 4.2V Product Page
5V PMR 5V Product Page
PMT 30-350W, High MTBF 5V PMT 5VProduct Page
12V PMT 12V Product Page
24V PMT 24V Product Page
36V PMT 36V Product Page
48V PMT 48V Product Page

Open-Frame Power Supply

The PJ Open-Frame Power Supply series offers the most widely used output voltages of 12 V and 24 V with power ratings at 30 W, 50 W, 100 W and 150 W and 48 V with power rating at 50 W. These power supply units come with universal AC input from 85VACto 264VAC and wide operating temperature of -10C to +70C. The features include low leakage and low inrush current while the conformal coating on the PCBAs provides protection against dust and chemical pollutants. The PJ Open-Frame Power Supply series also conforms to major international safety standards including IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 standards and is fully compliant with RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU for environmental protection.

Series Description Voltage  
PJ 15W-150W, open and enclosed 5V PJ 5V Product Page
12V PJ 12V Product Page
24V PJ 24V Product Page
48V PJ 48V Product Page
PJB 100-150W, Open and Enclosed with Power Boost 24V PJB Product Page
PJT 40-100W, 2x3", 2x4", 3x5" footprints 12V PJT 12V Product Page
15V PJT 15V Product Page
18V PJT 18V Product Page
24V PJT 24V Product Page