CYW20819 Ultra-Low-Power Bluetooth® 5 MCU Evaluation Kit

Develop and evaluate an ultra-low-power Bluetooth Mesh enabled wireless MCU with Cypress Semiconductor

Image of Cypress' DK IoT Studio - Webinar on Demand  Image of Cypress Semiconductor's CYW20819 Ultra-Low-Power Bluetooth 5 MCU Eval Kit
The Cypress CYW20819 is a best-in-class Bluetooth 5 single-chip solution targeted at Bluetooth Mesh, audio, voice, wearables, HID, home automation, and a wide range of other Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The CYW20819 fully implements the Bluetooth Mesh 1.0 specification and employs the highest level of integration to eliminate external components, allowing device makers to reduce product footprints and slash costs.

The CYW20819 integrates ultra-low-power (ULP) BLE along with the capability to add audio functionality to enhance the user experience for wearables and trackers. It also provides best-in-class receiver sensitivity for both BLE and EDR. Using advanced design techniques and process technology to reduce active and idle power, the CYW20819 also addresses the needs of a diverse class of low-power Bluetooth 5-enabled devices that require minimal power consumption and compact size.

Available now is an evaluation kit to develop with all of CYW20819’s industry-leading feature sets.

CYW20819 Bluetooth 5 MCU Evaluation Kit (CYW920819EVB-02):

  • Features the CYW20819 ultra-low-power Bluetooth 5 MCU
    • 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 5 MAC/baseband/radio with ULP EDR support
    • Complies with Bluetooth core specification version 5.0 with provisions for supporting future specifications
    • Bluetooth Mesh 1.0 certified
    • Integrated Arm® Cortex®-M4 up to 96 MHz with 256 KB Flash, 176 KB SRAM, and 1 MB ROM
  • Arduino compatible headers for hardware expansion
  • On board sensors: a 9-axis motion sensor (3D digital linear acceleration sensor, 3D digital angular rate sensor, and 3D digital magnetic sensor) and a thermistor
  • User switch and LEDs
  • USB connector for power, programming, and USB-UART bridge

Supported Kit Software

The CYW20819 device and the CYW920819EVB-02 evaluation kit are supported in ModusToolbox IDE 1.1 (or later). To learn more about ModusToolbox IDE and download the latest version, please visit the ModusToolbox webpage.



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CYW20819 Ultra-Low-Power Bluetooth 5 MCU Evaluation Kit

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EVAL BRD CYW920819 BLE BT5 MESHCYW920819EVB-02EVAL BRD CYW920819 BLE BT5 MESH45 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2019-04-10