254 Series Micro-stick™ Controller

CTS Electrocomponents' compact controller with optional momentary switch for consumer applications

Image of CTS Electronic Components' 254 Series Micro-stick™ ControllerStick controllers are a popular means of achieving precise movement control in hand held electronics such as gaming, presenter and remote control applications. Miniaturization and additional features have been driving market forces in hand held electronics. Based on this demand, CTS Electrocomponents has developed the 254 series Micro-stick controller that measures just one-fourth the size of traditional stick controllers. The 254 provides the same precision as earlier versions of stick controllers and frees up valuable circuit board space. 

Through miniaturization, the 254 opens up additional applications such as smart phones, pocket PCs, GPS and PDAs where larger stick controllers are impractical.


  • Exceptionally small mini-joystick size (11 mm x 11 mm x 5 mm)
  • Long Life 1 Million Cycles
  • Provides excellent electrical accuracy through patented mechanism
  • Optional momentary switch is operational at all positions

254 Series Micro-stick Controller

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAxisResistanceAvailable QuantityView Details
254TA103B50A datasheet linkPOT JOYSTICK 10K OHM254TA103B50APOT JOYSTICK 10K OHM210 kOhms1007 - Immediate
254TA103B50A product page link
254TA103B50B datasheet linkPOT JOYSTICK 10K OHM W/SWITCH254TA103B50BPOT JOYSTICK 10K OHM W/SWITCH2 with Switch(s)10 kOhms407 - Immediate
254TA103B50B product page link
254SA103B50B datasheet linkPOT JOYSTICK 10K OHM W/SWITCH254SA103B50BPOT JOYSTICK 10K OHM W/SWITCH2 with Switch(s)10 kOhms229 - Immediate
254SA103B50B product page link
254SA103B50A datasheet linkPOT JOYSTICK 10K OHM254SA103B50APOT JOYSTICK 10K OHM210 kOhms425 - Immediate
254SA103B50A product page link
254TA104B50A datasheet linkPOT JOYSTICK 100K OHM254TA104B50APOT JOYSTICK 100K OHM2100 kOhms0254TA104B50A product page link
254TA104B50B datasheet linkPOT JOYSTICK 100K OHM W/SWITCH254TA104B50BPOT JOYSTICK 100K OHM W/SWITCH2 with Switch(s)100 kOhms0254TA104B50B product page link
254SA104B50A datasheet linkPOT JOYSTICK 100K OHM254SA104B50APOT JOYSTICK 100K OHM2100 kOhms0254SA104B50A product page link
254SA104B50B datasheet linkPOT JOYSTICK 100K OHM W/SWITCH254SA104B50BPOT JOYSTICK 100K OHM W/SWITCH2 with Switch(s)100 kOhms0254SA104B50B product page link
Published: 2009-08-07