Miniature Low Noise PLL Timing Modules

CTS' PLL timing modules achieve small size, high performance, and low cost objectives for a variety of applications

Image of CTS's Miniature Low Noise PLL Timing ModulesCTS Corporation announces a new family of phase-lock-loop (PLL) timing modules to address the need for a small size, high performance, and low cost jitter attenuator in applications that require exceptionally clean timing signals. Applications such as fiber-optics, communication systems, test and measurement, radar systems, MRI, and digital video all benefit from this technology intended to reduce the magnitude of jitter or undesired deviation from an ideal timing signal within wireless communication between devices.

As technology continues to evolve, demand has increased for high-speed data transmissions. This requires equipment manufacturers to design hardware that is capable of operating at higher transmission bit rates, thus transmitting data quickly to accommodate trends such as streaming video or geo-location (GPS) based applications.

By utilizing a single ASIC, CTS was able to eliminate multiple other active components previously required to achieve comparable levels of performance. As a result, CTS now offers a best in-class solution that not only achieves small size, high performance, and low cost objectives, but also offers faster time to market and faster prototyping to manufacturers.

Low Noise PLL Timing Modules

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of CircuitsPackage / CaseAvailable QuantityView Details
VFJA1491C-25.000M-25.000M datasheet linkJITTER ATTENUATOR MODULE LVCMOSVFJA1491C-25.000M-25.000MJITTER ATTENUATOR MODULE LVCMOS26-SMD Module, No Lead0VFJA1491C-25.000M-25.000M product page link
VFJA1491P-25.000M-25.000M datasheet linkJITTER ATTENUATOR MODULE LVPECLVFJA1491P-25.000M-25.000MJITTER ATTENUATOR MODULE LVPECL16-SMD Module, No Lead0VFJA1491P-25.000M-25.000M product page link
VFJA1491C-125.000M-25.000M datasheet linkFREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER MOD LVCMOSVFJA1491C-125.000M-25.000MFREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER MOD LVCMOS26-SMD Module, No Lead0VFJA1491C-125.000M-25.000M product page link
VFJA1491C-100.000M-10.000M datasheet linkFREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER MOD LVCMOSVFJA1491C-100.000M-10.000MFREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER MOD LVCMOS26-SMD Module, No Lead0VFJA1491C-100.000M-10.000M product page link
VFJA1491P-156.250M-25.000M datasheet linkFREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER MOD LVPECLVFJA1491P-156.250M-25.000MFREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER MOD LVPECL16-SMD Module, No Lead49 - Immediate
VFJA1491P-156.250M-25.000M product page link
VFJA1491P-125.000M-25.000M datasheet linkFREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER MOD LVPECLVFJA1491P-125.000M-25.000MFREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER MOD LVPECL16-SMD Module, No Lead0VFJA1491P-125.000M-25.000M product page link
Published: 2017-09-28