EL Series AC and DC Output Solid State Relays

Crydom offers their EL series AC and DC output solid state relays with optional external heat sink

Image of Crydom's EL Series Solid State RelaysCrydom's EL series of compact solid state relays include models with output ratings up to 30 ARMS from 24 to 280 VAC or 10 ADC from 3 to 100 VDC with optional external heat sink. Logic compatible control input versions include 5, 12, or 24 VDC. Output termination is via 0.25" (6.35 mm) quick connect terminals, while input terminals are 0.187" (4.75 mm) quick connects.

An innovative 90° bent terminals option is also available, which is ideal for applications with limited vertical space.

Featuring 4 kV all solid state optical isolation, the Triac output AC versions are available with either zero voltage turn-on for resistive load applications or random turn-on for inductive load applications, while DC output versions feature low RDS on resistance FETs suitable for most DC resistive or inductive loads. EL series SSRs are RoHS and China RoHS compliant, CE certified, UL, and cUL recognized.

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  • Ratings of 5 A, 10 A, 20 A, and 30 A @ 24-280 VAC, and 5 A and 10 A @ 3-100 VDC
  • UL Recognized, TUV, CE, and RoHS Compliant
  • 5, 12, and 24 VDC control
  • Zero voltage or instantaneous turn-on outputs
  • MOSFET output

EL Series AC and DC Output SSRs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionOutput TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
EL240A20-05 datasheet linkSSR IP00 280VAC/20A 4-8VDC ZCEL240A20-05SSR IP00 280VAC/20A 4-8VDC ZCAC, Zero Cross201 - Immediate
EL240A20-05 product page link
EL100D5-24 datasheet linkSSR IP00 100VDC/5A 21-27VDCEL100D5-24SSR IP00 100VDC/5A 21-27VDCDC134 - Immediate
EL100D5-24 product page link
EL100D5-05 datasheet linkSSR IP00 100VDC/5A 4-8VDCEL100D5-05SSR IP00 100VDC/5A 4-8VDCDC132 - Immediate
EL100D5-05 product page link
EL100D10-24 datasheet linkSSR IP00 100VDC/10A 21-27VDCEL100D10-24SSR IP00 100VDC/10A 21-27VDCDC198 - Immediate
EL100D10-24 product page link
EL100D10-12 datasheet linkSSR IP00 100VDC/10A 10-14VDCEL100D10-12SSR IP00 100VDC/10A 10-14VDCDC392 - Immediate
EL100D10-12 product page link
EL240A10-24 datasheet linkSSR IP00 280VAC/10A 21-27VDCEL240A10-24SSR IP00 280VAC/10A 21-27VDCAC, Zero Cross141 - Immediate
EL240A10-24 product page link
EL240A10R-24 datasheet linkSSR IP00 280VAC/10A 21-27VDCEL240A10R-24SSR IP00 280VAC/10A 21-27VDCAC139 - Immediate
EL240A10R-24 product page link
EL240A30-24N datasheet linkRELAY SSR 280VAC 30A 21-27VDC ZCEL240A30-24NRELAY SSR 280VAC 30A 21-27VDC ZCAC, Zero Cross179 - Immediate
EL240A30-24N product page link
EL100D10-24N datasheet linkRELAY SSR 100VDC 10A 21-27VDC QCEL100D10-24NRELAY SSR 100VDC 10A 21-27VDC QCDC106 - Immediate
EL100D10-24N product page link
EL240A10-05 datasheet linkSSR IP00 280VAC/10A 4-8VDC ZCEL240A10-05SSR IP00 280VAC/10A 4-8VDC ZCAC, Zero Cross84 - Immediate
EL240A10-05 product page link
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Published: 2013-10-24