Millenium EVO Logic Controller

Crouzet’s logic controller with four ways of communication

Image of Crouzet Millenium EVO Logic ControllerCrouzet’s Millenium EVO is the logic controller for any small-scale automation project. With its four ways of communication (Ethernet, Modbus, USB, and Bluetooth®), the user can control and program EVO from a distance, continuously monitor applications, and interact with other devices.

Control EVO from a distance and in real time by accessing its front control face from a PC, laptop, or mobile device. Users can change the parameters with the Crouzet Virtual Display app, eliminating the added cost of an HMI. Users can also edit and program their EVO even when it is already installed in an application, without the need to remove it or disconnect a single cable.

Monitor applications and receive periodic data logs to measure and record key parameters of an installation, as well as program regular email notifications for updates and alarms. Users can also interact with other devices such as HMIs, drives, and other controllers via Modbus and Ethernet, as the EVO can act as a slave inside a network.

Millenium EVO is equipped with 16 inputs which include digital, high-speed counting, voltmeter, and many analog voltage inputs. Inputs for NTC temperature probes, which allow users to connect probes directly without the need for expensive signal converters, are also available. Millenium EVO is expandable up to 44 I/Os.

Features Applications
  • Four ways of communication
    • Ethernet
    • Modbus
    • USB
    • Bluetooth
  • Control at a distance with access to a virtual display of EVO’s front face from a PC, laptop, or mobile device
  • Continuously monitor applications
  • Interact with other devices via Modbus and Ethernet
  • Edit and program EVO even if it is already installed in an application
  • Improved inputs and outputs
    • 4x configurable high-speed inputs
    • 8x configurable digital and analog inputs
    • 4x digital outputs
    • 2x 6 A relay outputs
    • 6x 8 A relay outputs
  • Intuitive and easy function block programming
  • Industrial machine applications
    • Datalogging, production numbers, machine downtime
  • Building applications
    • Lighting control, access control, room temperature
  • Agriculture applications
    • Irrigation systems, feeding systems, agricultural machines
  • Power generation applications
    • Solar panel control, small generators, energy saving

Millenium EVO Logic Controller

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
88975101 datasheet linkMILLENIUMEVO, SMART RELAY, 24 I/88975101MILLENIUMEVO, SMART RELAY, 24 I/3 - Immediate
88975101 product page link
88975111 datasheet linkMILLENIUMEVO, SMART RELAY, 24 I/88975111MILLENIUMEVO, SMART RELAY, 24 I/7 - Immediate
88975111 product page link
88975001 datasheet linkMILLENIUMEVO, SMART RELAY, 24 I/88975001MILLENIUMEVO, SMART RELAY, 24 I/1 - Immediate
88975001 product page link
88975011 datasheet linkMILLENIUMEVO, SMART RELAY, 24 I/88975011MILLENIUMEVO, SMART RELAY, 24 I/2 - Immediate
88975011 product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
88975201 datasheet linkEXPANSION, XRP10, 6 DIGITAL INPU88975201EXPANSION, XRP10, 6 DIGITAL INPU2 - Immediate
88975201 product page link
88975303 datasheet linkANALOG EXPANSION, XAP10, 6 DIGIT88975303ANALOG EXPANSION, XAP10, 6 DIGIT5 - Immediate
88975303 product page link
88975901 datasheet linkMILLENIUMEVO - KIT XDP24, BLUETO88975901MILLENIUMEVO - KIT XDP24, BLUETO2 - Immediate
88975901 product page link
88975911 datasheet linkMILLENIUMEVO - KIT XDP24-E, ETHE88975911MILLENIUMEVO - KIT XDP24-E, ETHE5 - Immediate
88975911 product page link
88980114 datasheet linkMEMORY INTERFACE88980114MEMORY INTERFACE2 - Immediate
88980114 product page link
88980112 datasheet linkBLUETOOTH INTERFACE88980112BLUETOOTH INTERFACE6 - Immediate
88980112 product page link
88980116 product page link
Published: 2018-06-12