VBLD861 Series Ultra-Low Jitter Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO)

Connor-Winfield's VBLD861 series features 9 mm x 14 mm SMT package

Image of Connor-Winfield's VBLD861 Series Ultra Low Jitter Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO)Connor-Winfield's VBLD861 series VCXO is designed with a 3rd overtone high Q crystal resulting in ultra-low phase noise and jitter performance. Due its crystal design, this model is also resistant to the microphonic effects of random mechanical shocks to the system in which it is installed. With improved close in phase noise and a sub -160 dBc noise floor, these VCXOs are excellent for use in high precision PLL designs such as Connor-Winfield’s NS2000 line of synchronization and frequency translation ASICs. Standard frequencies are available from 80 M to 125.0 MHz.

  • 3.3 VDC operation
  • Pull range: ±20 ppm
  • Temperature range options: commercial and industrial temp ranges of 0°C to +85°C, 0°C to +70°C, -40°C to +85°C, and -20°C to +70°C
  • Low jitter: 60 fs (typ.)
  • LVCMOS output
  • 9 mm x 14 mm SMT package
  • Tape and reel packaging
  • RoHS compliant/lead-free

Connor-Winfield products are designed and produced in the USA.

VBLD861 Series Ultra-Low Jitter Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO)

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
VBLD861-080.0M datasheet linkOSC VCXO 80MHZ 3.3V LVCMOS SMDVBLD861-080.0MOSC VCXO 80MHZ 3.3V LVCMOS SMD8 - Immediate
VBLD861-080.0M product page link
VBLD861-081.92M datasheet linkOSC VCXO 81.92MHZ 3.3V LVCMOS SMVBLD861-081.92MOSC VCXO 81.92MHZ 3.3V LVCMOS SM100 - Immediate
VBLD861-081.92M product page link
VBLD861-100.0M datasheet linkOSC VCXO 100MHZ 3.3V LVCMOS SMDVBLD861-100.0MOSC VCXO 100MHZ 3.3V LVCMOS SMD70 - Immediate
VBLD861-100.0M product page link
VBLD861-122.88M datasheet linkOSC VCXO 122.88MHZ 3.3V LVCMOS SVBLD861-122.88MOSC VCXO 122.88MHZ 3.3V LVCMOS S95 - Immediate
VBLD861-122.88M product page link
VBLD861-125.0M datasheet linkOSC VCXO 125MHZ 3.3V LVCMOS SMDVBLD861-125.0MOSC VCXO 125MHZ 3.3V LVCMOS SMD96 - Immediate
VBLD861-125.0M product page link
Published: 2018-02-23