NEMA 2000 Certified Multi-Paired Cable and IP Rated Connectors

CnC Tech's NEMA 2000 certified multi-paired cable and IP rated connectors feature tensile strength of 2000 PSI unaged and 85% aged

Image of CnC Tech's NEMA 2000 Certified Multi-Paired Cable and IP Rated ConnectorsCnC Tech's NEMA 2000 certified multi-pair cable and connectors that can be used for a variety of applications. The multi-paired cable contains one pair of 24 AWG tinned copper with FM PE insulation and one pair of 22 AWG tinned copper with SR-PVC insulation. Mylar surrounds each pair and the cable contains a 22 AWG tinned copper drain wire. These two pairs are surrounded by a tinned copper braid and a 0.38 mm black half matt PVC jacket surrounds the entire cable.

CnC Tech also offers an IP68 rated plug and receptacle  an IP67 rated T-shaped distributor connector to work with this cable. The plug and receptacle have 6 µin (0.15 µm) gold plated contacts and an operating temperature of -40°C to +105°C. The T-shaped distributor connector has a temperature rating of -40°C to +100°C.

The NEMA 2000 Certified Multi-Paired Cable features
  • -40°C to +75°C temperature rating
  • Tensile strength of 2000 PSI unaged and 85% aged
  • Passes the VW-1 flame test
  • Dielectric strength: 500 VAC/1 minute
  • Oil resistant and UV resistant
  • Conductor resistance at +20°C (max.)
    • 22 AWG 55.00 Ω/km
    • 24 AWG 93.25 Ω/km

NEMA 2000 Certified Multi-Paired Cable and IP Rated Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
2000-2422-1-BL-0600-TS datasheet linkMULT-PAIR 4COND 22/24AWG BK 600'2000-2422-1-BL-0600-TSMULT-PAIR 4COND 22/24AWG BK 600'8 - Immediate
2000-2422-1-BL-0600-TS product page link
2000-2422-1-BL-0050-TS datasheet linkCABLE 24AWG/2C+22AWG/2C BLACK 502000-2422-1-BL-0050-TSCABLE 24AWG/2C+22AWG/2C BLACK 5024 - Immediate
2000-2422-1-BL-0050-TS product page link
2000-2422-1-BL-0025-TS datasheet linkMULT-PAIR 4COND 22/24AWG BLK 25'2000-2422-1-BL-0025-TSMULT-PAIR 4COND 22/24AWG BLK 25'19 - Immediate
2000-2422-1-BL-0025-TS product page link
510F-3032-W05 datasheet linkCONN PLUG FMALE 5POS SOLDER CUP510F-3032-W05CONN PLUG FMALE 5POS SOLDER CUP282 - Immediate
510F-3032-W05 product page link
511M-3033-W05 datasheet linkCONN RCPT MALE 5POS SOLDER CUP511M-3033-W05CONN RCPT MALE 5POS SOLDER CUP281 - Immediate
511M-3033-W05 product page link
500-303T-W05 datasheet linkCONN T-ADAPTER 5P-5P/5P M-F/F500-303T-W05CONN T-ADAPTER 5P-5P/5P M-F/F149 - Immediate
500-303T-W05 product page link
Published: 2017-12-20