105°C Power Cords

CnC Tech offers power cords for a large variety of applications

Image of CNC Tech's 105° Power CordsCnC Tech offers a wide range of power cords for industrial and standard applications. All power cords meet U.S. and/or international standards. Whether hospital-grade power cords, heavy-duty power cords, or cords for everyday usage are needed, CnC Tech has the expertise and experience to cover all power cord needs.

Cords are available in 1’ to 15’ lengths; 12, 14, 16, and 18 AWG; and 2 or 3 conductors.

  • Large variety of national and international power cords, 125 V to 300 V
  • Operating temperature of 105°C
  • CCC, CSA, cUL, and UL approval marks
  • From light-duty 3 A to heavy-duty 20 A
  • Colors
    • Black
    • Gray
    • Red
    • White
  • All NEMA standards
    • 1-15P, 1-20P, 1-30P and 1-30R*, 6-15P and 6-15R*, 6-20P, 6-20R*, 6-30P, 6-30R* and many more
    • *Locking (twist-locking) for heavy industrial and commercial equipment

105 Power Cords

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescription1st Connector2nd ConnectorAvailable QuantityView Details
800-12-38D-BL-08.2F datasheet linkNEMA L5-20P TO IEC-C19 SJT800-12-38D-BL-08.2FNEMA L5-20P TO IEC-C19 SJTNEMA L5-20PIEC 320-C1940 - Immediate
800-12-38D-BL-08.2F product page link
800-1800-2-SVT0-BL-00150 datasheet linkCORD POWER MALE-FEMALE 1.5M800-1800-2-SVT0-BL-00150CORD POWER MALE-FEMALE 1.5MIEC 320-C14IEC 320-C1379 - Immediate
800-1800-2-SVT0-BL-00150 product page link
800-0.75-14X-BL-00200 datasheet linkCORD CEE 77-C13 10A 250V800-0.75-14X-BL-00200CORD CEE 77-C13 10A 250VCEE 7/7IEC 320-C131363 - Immediate
800-0.75-14X-BL-00200 product page link
800-1800-2-SVT0-BL-00200 datasheet linkCORD POWER MALE-FEMALE 2M800-1800-2-SVT0-BL-00200CORD POWER MALE-FEMALE 2MIEC 320-C14IEC 320-C13573 - Immediate
800-1800-2-SVT0-BL-00200 product page link
800-1400-2-SJT0-BL-00150 datasheet linkCORD PWR MALE-FEMALE SJT 1.5M800-1400-2-SJT0-BL-00150CORD PWR MALE-FEMALE SJT 1.5MIEC 320-C14IEC 320-C13486 - Immediate
800-1400-2-SJT0-BL-00150 product page link
800-1401-2-SJT0-BL-00200 datasheet linkCORD PWR MALE TO OPEN END 2M800-1401-2-SJT0-BL-00200CORD PWR MALE TO OPEN END 2MNEMA 5-15PCable0800-1401-2-SJT0-BL-00200 product page link
800-14-19D-RE-0006F datasheet linkPWR CORD 15A 250V 14AWG RED 6'800-14-19D-RE-0006FPWR CORD 15A 250V 14AWG RED 6'IEC 320-C20IEC 320-C1399 - Immediate
800-14-19D-RE-0006F product page link
800-12-32D-BL-0008F datasheet linkIEC-C20 TO IEC-C19 SJT BLACK800-12-32D-BL-0008FIEC-C20 TO IEC-C19 SJT BLACKIEC 320-C20IEC 320-C19297 - Immediate
800-12-32D-BL-0008F product page link
800-1809-2-SPT2-BL-0006F datasheet linkCORD POWER MALE-OPEN END 6'800-1809-2-SPT2-BL-0006FCORD POWER MALE-OPEN END 6'NEMA 1-15PCable401 - Immediate
800-1809-2-SPT2-BL-0006F product page link
800-1603-2-SJT0-BL-00050 datasheet linkCORD PWR R/A FEMALE-OPEN END .5M800-1603-2-SJT0-BL-00050CORD PWR R/A FEMALE-OPEN END .5MIEC 320-C13, Right AngleCable659 - Immediate
800-1603-2-SJT0-BL-00050 product page link
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Published: 2015-07-01