Type‐5 Solder Paste

Type‐5 solder paste in 10 cc syringes for fine-pitch soldering

Image of Chip Quik's Type‐5 Solder PasteWith newer PCB’s we are faced with fine-pitch components in denser areas. Rework, soldering and stencil printing have become even more challenging. Yet the need for hand soldering, hand dispensing and manual printing still exists. The Chip Quik solder paste type ‐T5 allows dispensing through smaller apertures. Now solder paste with smaller particles can manually be dispensed for components with less than 12 mil pitch.

Type5 Solder Paste

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeCompositionDiameterAvailable QuantityView Details
SMD291AX10T5 datasheet linkSOLDER PASTE NO CLEAN T5 10CCSMD291AX10T5SOLDER PASTE NO CLEAN T5 10CCSolder PasteSn63Pb37 (63/37)-126 - Immediate
SMD291AX10T5 product page link
SMDLTLFP10T5 datasheet linkSOLDER PASTE LOW TEMP LF T5 10CCSMDLTLFP10T5SOLDER PASTE LOW TEMP LF T5 10CCSolder PasteBi57.6Sn42Ag0.4 (57.6/42/0.4)-264 - Immediate
SMDLTLFP10T5 product page link
SMD291SNL10T5 datasheet linkSOLDER PASTE LF T5 10CCSMD291SNL10T5SOLDER PASTE LF T5 10CCSolder PasteSn96.5Ag3Cu0.5 (96.5/3/0.5)-138 - Immediate
SMD291SNL10T5 product page link
SMD4300AX10T5 datasheet linkSOLDER PASTE WATER SOL T5 10CCSMD4300AX10T5SOLDER PASTE WATER SOL T5 10CCSolder PasteSn63Pb37 (63/37)-81 - Immediate
SMD4300AX10T5 product page link
SMD4300SNL10T5 datasheet linkSLD PASTE LF WATER SOL T5 10CCSMD4300SNL10T5SLD PASTE LF WATER SOL T5 10CCSolder PasteSn96.5Ag3Cu0.5 (96.5/3/0.5)-49 - Immediate
SMD4300SNL10T5 product page link
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Published: 2013-06-25