HyperFast Rectifiers

HyperFast rectifiers from Central Semiconductor are ideal for power factor correction (PFC)

Image of Central Semiconductor's HyperFast Rectifiers Central Semiconductor's CMR5H-06 (5 A), CHD8-06 (8 A) and CTLHR10-06 (10 A) are 600 V rectifiers designed specifically for extremely fast switching applications, such as PFC, where total conduction losses must be minimized and at the same time, power density must be maximized. All three devices offer industry-leading switching performance and make use of industry standard packages and mounting pad layouts for ease of manufacturing and adaptability to existing designs.

  • High current capability
  • High surge capacity
  • HyperFast recovery time (< 25 ns)
  • High reverse voltage capability
  • High power density
  • Power factor correction (PFC)
  • Motor control
  • DC-DC output rectification
  • Alternative energy inverters
Published: 2015-01-12