ATX Series Enclosures

Bud Industries offers their ATX series of die-cast, aluminum, explosion-proof enclosures

Image of BUD Industries ATX Series EnclosuresBud Industries introduces high quality ATEX certified explosion proof enclosures. Designed for intermittent explosive atmospheres (excludes mining) such as gas (category II, zone 1 and 2) grain dust, and conductive dust (category III, zones 21 and 22), Bud's ATX series enclosures provide equipment protection with increased safety(e) and dust protection (tb).

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  • ATEX rating:
    • II 2 G Ex e IIC Gb
    • II 2 D Ex tb IIIC Db IP 66
    • DEMKO 13 ATEX 1327771U
    • IECEx UL 13.0042U
    • EX# 0539 (India)
    • Category : II for gas , III for dust
    • Zone : 1 and 2 for gas , 21 and 22 for dust
    • Class : 1 and 2
    • Division : 2
    • Impact resistance: 10 J (IK 09)
  • Material: heavy duty AlSi12
  • Degree of ingress protection: IP66 (IP67 in normal conditions)
  • UL50E/508 A type 6P extra corrosion protection
  • Service temperature range: -50°C to +135°C
  • Gray powder coated (RAL-7001)
  • Captive stainless screws in the cover
  • Continuous gasket made of silicone rubber
  • Four copper-plated ground screws in body for ground and plate assembly
  • External stainless steel ground bracket
  • Intended for use in areas in which explosive atmospheres caused by gases, vapors, mists or air/dust mixtures are infrequent
  • Chemical exposure
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Nutrients processing industry
  • Metal and wood grinding operations
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Powders
  • Heavy dust
  • Oil and natural gas drilling and transport industry
  • Various paint products processing industry

ATX Series

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437 - Factory Stock
MTX-6512 product page link
ATX-10507 datasheet linkJUNCTION BOX ALUM 5.91"LX2.52"WATX-10507JUNCTION BOX ALUM 5.91"LX2.52"W9 - Immediate
44 - Factory Stock
ATX-10507 product page link
ATX-10503 datasheet linkJUNCTION BOX ALUM 3.94"LX3.94"WATX-10503JUNCTION BOX ALUM 3.94"LX3.94"W3 - Immediate
38 - Factory Stock
ATX-10503 product page link
ATX-10505 datasheet linkJUNCTION BOX ALUM 4.8"L X 4.72"WATX-10505JUNCTION BOX ALUM 4.8"L X 4.72"W9 - Immediate
57 - Factory Stock
ATX-10505 product page link
ATX-10512 datasheet linkJUNCTION BOX ALUM 8.66"LX4.72"WATX-10512JUNCTION BOX ALUM 8.66"LX4.72"W6 - Immediate
69 - Factory Stock
ATX-10512 product page link
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Published: 2016-04-20