AN-A Series Waterproof Enclosures

Bud Industries' AN-A series die-cast aluminum enclosures meet IP68

Image of Bud Industries' AN-Series Waterproof Enclosures Die-cast in aluminum alloy and resistant to atmospheric and marine corrosion, Bud Industries' AN-A series enclosures are ideal for housing sensitive electronic assemblies and pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical devices in both commercial and industrial environments.

These enclosures are designed to IP68 of IEC529 and NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4X, 12, and 13 specifications. The wall-mounting holes and cover-attaching screws are outside the sealing area, thus preventing ingress of moisture and dust.

  • Direct replacement to AN-28xx series
  • Cover incorporates a recessed gasket
  • Internal bosses for mounting PCBs horizontally or for connecting terminals, ground, and more
  • Most models have internal guide slots for mounting PCB assemblies vertically
  • Cover-mounting holes are roll threaded and screws are recessed
  • Cover attaches with stainless screws torqued at 12 in./lb
  • Type 4X, 6, 6P, 12, 13 as listed under UL file #E194432
  • Available NEMA 6 (natural finish) and 6P (recommended powder coated black for extra corrosion protection)
  • Body and cover: aluminum alloy #ADC-12
  • Gasket: Pre-molded continuous Silicon gasket
  • Cover screws: M4 stainless steel, non-magnetic
  • PCB mounting hardware: requires kit #57-58, ordered separately
  • IP 67 tested by TUV
  • Test results exceeded the requirements in respect to IEC60529 IP68 conditions (UL Type 6P tested under 6' of water for 24 hours)
  • Offers EMC protection
  • Easily machined and modified to particular requirements

AN-A Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionContainer TypeColorThicknessAvailable QuantityView Details
BOX ALUM BLACK 6.73AN-1306-ABBOX ALUM BLACK 6.73"L X 4.67"WBoxBlack0.130" (3.30mm)6 - Immediate
178 - Factory Stock
View Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 3.54AN-2850-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 3.54"L X 1.42"WBoxNatural0.110" (2.79mm)159 - ImmediateView Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 4.55AN-1302-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 4.55"L X 2.58"WBoxNatural0.130" (3.30mm)160 - ImmediateView Details
BOX ALUM BLACK 2.52AN-2851-ABBOX ALUM BLACK 2.52"L X 2.28"WBoxBlack0.130" (3.30mm)0View Details
BOX ALUM BLACK 3.86AN-2812-ABBOX ALUM BLACK 3.86"L X 2.52"WBoxBlack0.120" (3.05mm)38 - ImmediateView Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 6.89AN-1321-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 6.89"L X 3.15"WBoxNatural0.071" (1.80mm)10 - ImmediateView Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 8.75AN-2857-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 8.75"L X 5.75"WBoxNatural0.120" (3.05mm)139 - Immediate
1016 - Factory Stock
View Details
BOX ALUM BLACK 8.75AN-2857-ABBOX ALUM BLACK 8.75"L X 5.75"WBoxBlack0.120" (3.05mm)1424 - Immediate
1142 - Factory Stock
View Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 3.53AN-1300-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 3.53"L X 1.41"WBoxNatural0.110" (2.79mm)894 - Immediate
1784 - Factory Stock
View Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 4.92AN-2863-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 4.92"L X 3.15"WBoxNatural0.090" (2.29mm)2734 - Factory StockView Details
BOX ALUM BLACK 5.83AN-2805-ABBOX ALUM BLACK 5.83"L X 4.25"WBoxBlack0.130" (3.30mm)98 - ImmediateView Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 10.24AN-1323-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 10.24"L X 6.3"WBoxNatural0.071" (1.80mm)74 - ImmediateView Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 10.24AN-2823-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 10.24"L X 6.3"WBoxNatural0.070" (1.78mm)30 - ImmediateView Details
BOX ALUM BLACK 10.24AN-2823-ABBOX ALUM BLACK 10.24"L X 6.3"WBoxBlack0.070" (1.78mm)0View Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 2.52AN-1301-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 2.52"L X 2.27"WBoxNatural0.130" (3.30mm)125 - Immediate
1239 - Factory Stock
View Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 3.13AN-1319-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 3.13"L X 2.93"WBoxNatural0.071" (1.80mm)91 - ImmediateView Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 4.54AN-1304-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 4.54"L X 3.54"WBoxNatural0.130" (3.30mm)0View Details
BOX ALUM BLACK 2.52AN-2801-ABBOX ALUM BLACK 2.52"L X 2.27"WBoxBlack0.130" (3.30mm)9 - Immediate
73 - Factory Stock
View Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 6.73AN-1306-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 6.73"L X 4.67"WBoxNatural0.130" (3.30mm)0View Details
BOX ALUM NATURAL 6.3AN-2867-ABOX ALUM NATURAL 6.3"L X 3.94"WBoxNatural0.098" (2.49mm)36 - Immediate
396 - Factory Stock
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Updated: 2017-05-03
Published: 2014-09-08