MF-RHT Series Fuses

Bourns' MF-RHT series fuses feature higher hold currents at elevated temperatures

Image of Bourns' MF-RHT Series FusesBourns introduces several models to the already successful line of model MF-RHT high-temperature, radial leaded, through-hole, polymer PTCs. The eleven models fall within the existing operating current range of the MF-RHT series from 0.50 A to 13.0 A, and are available in bulk package, tape and reel, and ammo pack.

Bourns’ high temperature polymer PTC materials have a standard operating temperature range up to +125°C and exhibit a high-current carrying capability. They have been primarily designed for automotive applications; however, with the ongoing trend to increase board density in market segments including industrial, telecom, and consumer electronics, the high operating temperature of the Bourns model MF-RHT series will also serve as a strong overcurrent solution for many applications beyond automotive.

  • Compliant with AEC-Q200 Rev. C stress test qualification for passive components in automotive applications
  • Higher hold currents at elevated temperatures
  • Operating temperature range up to +125°C
  • Low thermal derating factor
  • RoHS compliant and halogen-free
  • Overcurrent surge protection for electronic equipment required to operate at high operating temperature ranges
  • Resettable fault protection for general electronic equipment
  • Protection of automotive circuitry including engine control modules

MF-RHT Series Fuses

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MF-RHT750-0 datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 16V 7.5A RADIALMF-RHT750-0PTC RESET FUSE 16V 7.5A RADIAL4018 - Immediate
MF-RHT750-0 product page link
MF-RHT1300-0 datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 16V 13A RADIALMF-RHT1300-0PTC RESET FUSE 16V 13A RADIAL5914 - Immediate
MF-RHT1300-0 product page link
MF-RHT200-2 datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 16V 2A RADIALMF-RHT200-2PTC RESET FUSE 16V 2A RADIAL5510 - Immediate
MF-RHT200-2 product page link
MF-RHT070-0 datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 16V 700MA RADIALMF-RHT070-0PTC RESET FUSE 16V 700MA RADIAL4046 - Immediate
MF-RHT070-0 product page link
MF-RHT050-0 datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 30V 500MA RADIALMF-RHT050-0PTC RESET FUSE 30V 500MA RADIAL1798 - Immediate
MF-RHT050-0 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MF-AUTOLAB datasheet linkFUSE KIT AUTO 0.2-13A 40PCMF-AUTOLABFUSE KIT AUTO 0.2-13A 40PC0MF-AUTOLAB product page link
Published: 2017-11-07