Sil-Pad® K-10

The high-performance Kapton®-based insulator

Image of Bergquist's Sil-Pad® K-10The Sil-Pad K-10 from Bergquist is a high-performance insulator. It combines special film with a filled silicone rubber. The result is a product with good cut-through properties and excellent thermal performance.

Sil-Pad K-10 is designed to replace ceramic insulators such as Beryllium Oxide, Boron Nitride, and Alumina. Ceramic insulators are expensive and they break easily. Sil-Pad K-10 eliminates breakage and costs much less than ceramics.

  • Thermal impedance: 0.41°C-in2/W (@ 50 psi)
  • Tougher dielectric barrier against cut-through
  • High-performance film
  • Designed to replace ceramic insulators
  • Power supplies
  • Power semiconductors
  • FSCM Number 55285
  • Motor controls
  • Military specifications: MIL-M-38527/8A, MIL-I-49456, MIL-M-38527C, MIL-M-87111
  • U.L. file number E59150

Sil-Pad K-10

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusUsageTypeAvailable QuantityView Details
THERM PAD 19.05MMX12.7MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-54THERM PAD 19.05MMX12.7MM BEIGEActiveTO-220Pad, Sheet61468 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 304.8MMX292.1MM W/ADHSPK10-0.006-AC-11.512THERM PAD 304.8MMX292.1MM W/ADHActive-Pad, Sheet115 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 304.8MMX292.1MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-11.512THERM PAD 304.8MMX292.1MM BEIGEActive-Pad, Sheet325 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 19.05MMX12.7MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-58THERM PAD 19.05MMX12.7MM BEIGEActiveTO-220Pad, Sheet12391 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 24MMX21.01MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-114THERM PAD 24MMX21.01MM BEIGEActiveTO-218, TO-220, TO-247Pad, Sheet7602 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 19.05MMX12.7MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-43THERM PAD 19.05MMX12.7MM BEIGEActiveTO-220Pad, Sheet16100 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 17.45MMX14.27MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-51THERM PAD 17.45MMX14.27MM BEIGEActiveTO-220Pad, Sheet2810 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 39.62MMX26.67MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-86THERM PAD 39.62MMX26.67MM BEIGEActiveTO-3Pad, Sheet1400 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 41.91MMX28.96MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-05THERM PAD 41.91MMX28.96MM BEIGEActiveTO-3Pad, Sheet940 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 31.75MMX31.75MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-46THERM PAD 31.75MMX31.75MM BEIGEActiveRectifierPad, Sheet148 - ImmediateView Details
THERM PAD 21.84MMX18.8MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-90THERM PAD 21.84MMX18.8MM BEIGEActiveTO-218, TO-220, TO-247Pad, Sheet0View Details
THERM PAD 25.4MMX19.05MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-104THERM PAD 25.4MMX19.05MM BEIGEActiveTO-218, TO-220, TO-247Pad, Sheet0View Details
THERM PAD 15.87MMX5.08MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-22THERM PAD 15.87MMX5.08MM BEIGEActiveDO-4Pad, Sheet0View Details
THERM PAD 25.4MMX19.05MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-34THERM PAD 25.4MMX19.05MM BEIGEActiveTO-220 DualPad, Sheet0View Details
THERM PAD 39.7MMX28.96MM W/ADHSPK10-0.006-AC-18THERM PAD 39.7MMX28.96MM W/ADHActiveTO-3Pad, Sheet0View Details
THERM PAD 31.75MMX17.78MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-30THERM PAD 31.75MMX17.78MM BEIGEActiveTO-66Pad, Sheet0View Details
THERM PAD 25.4MMX6.6MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-25THERM PAD 25.4MMX6.6MM BEIGEActiveDO-5Pad, Sheet0View Details
THERM PAD 25.4MMX25.4MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-48THERM PAD 25.4MMX25.4MM BEIGEActiveRectifierPad, Sheet0View Details
THERM PAD 33.32MMX19.35MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-11THERM PAD 33.32MMX19.35MM BEIGEActiveTO-66Pad, Sheet0View Details
THERM PAD 38.1MMX19.05MM BEIGESPK10-0.006-00-36THERM PAD 38.1MMX19.05MM BEIGEActiveTO-220 TriplePad, Sheet0View Details
Published: 2013-10-07