TCP4000 Series 3-Phase 4000 W AC/DC Industrial PSU

Bel Power Solutions’ 3-phase AC/DC converter features adjustable DC output and universal 3-phase AC input

Image of Bel Power Solutions TCP4000 Series 3-Phase 4000W AC/DC Industrial PSUBel Power Solutions' TCP4000 series of fanless, three-phase 4000 W AC-DC converters, is suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including semiconductor lasers and plasma generators, as well as process and control applications.

The TCP4000 series converts worldwide three-phase input voltage (180 VAC to 528 VAC) to an adjustable low voltage from 30 VDC to 100 VDC optimized at 90 V, which is ideal for semiconductor lasers. The TCP4000 also includes filtering and high specification output e-caps with high ripple current rating, high-temperature rating, and long life, making it ideal for semiconductor cutting, drilling, welding, marking, patterning, and other processing techniques using lasers.

The TCP4000 series’ fast output voltage set response time of less than 5 milliseconds can be used for direct regulation of the power for the whole laser system. It offers low voltage droop, which is important when powering laser drivers to maintain constant and consistent power to the laser diode, which impacts the regulation and quality of the light.

Conduction cooling makes this power supply series ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications that can use conduction or liquid cooling, where the environment may not be suitable for the use of fans. The TCP4000 series offers active or passive current sharing of up to 16 units for a total power output of up to approximately 57.6 kW. Output bus bars are offered to reduce parasitic inductance, which can be an issue with a high pulse load operation. These power supplies also offer RS485 bus communication to command, monitor, and provide diagnostic information that can be used to interface with a system controller.

The TCP4000 series is SEMI F47 compliant, which defines requirements for input voltage sags (interruption), which are specified for industrial environments and are often required by semiconductor manufacturers. Other certifications include RoHS and EN62368-1, as well as the conducted and radiated EMI requirements of EN EN55011-A. The TCP4000 series measures 400 mm x 85 mm x 103 mm.

The TCP4000 series is an expansion of Bel Power’s enclosed high power portfolio, which offers single-phase and three-phase inputs to serve a wide variety of industrial, broadcasting, and telecom applications.


  • Worldwide 3-phase input voltage range (nom. 115 V to 277 V / 200 V to 480 V)
  • Power factor greater than 0.94
  • High power density: 16 W/in³
  • 94% typical efficiency
  • Parallel operation up to 16 units (57.6 kW)
  • Cold-plate cooling system
  • 0°C to +50°C of cold-plate surface, 0°C to +70°C of ambient air temperature
  • Four units are possible to install in a 2U 19" rack
  • Advanced performance for fast dynamic and pulsed load up to 100 kHz (optional)
  • RS485 interface
  • Wide adjustable output voltage range
  • Fast output voltage set response (5 mS)
  • Active current sharing

TCP4000 AC/DC Converter

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Updated: 2020-03-05
Published: 2020-01-31