Brick SMT Fuse Portfolio

Surface Mount, ceramic tube/end cap constructions from Bel Fuse

Image of Bel Fuse Inc's Brick SMT Fuse PortfolioBel Fuse presents surface mount, ceramic tube/end cap fuse constructions, with U.S. (UL/CSA), Europe (VDE/Semko), China (CCC), and Japan (PSE) safety agency approvals. The fuses provide board-level primary and secondary circuit protection in a wide variety of applications, including battery chargers, power supplies, modems, routers, consumer electronics, PoE, PoE+, and Backplane Short Circuit Protection, among others. The SMP Type provides Lightning Surge Withstand and 600 VAC Power Cross Protection.


Features Specifications  
  • Case sizes from 2410 to 4717
  • Ceramic tube, plated brass end caps
  • RoHS6 compliant
  • Pb-free
  • Halogen-free
  • T&R, auto-insertable
  • Voltage ratings – up to 600 VAC/125 VDC
  • Amp ratings – up to 30 A
  • Multiple safety agency approvals
  • Operating temperature: -55°C to +125°C
  • Mil-Std 202G environmental compliant
  • Fuse safety certifications
Image of Bel Fuse Circuit Protection Datasheet

Brick SMT Fuses

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCurrent RatingAvailable QuantityView Details
SSQ 2 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 2A 125VAC/VDC SMDSSQ 2FUSE BOARD MNT 2A 125VAC/VDC SMD2A65203 - Immediate
SSQ 2 product page link
SSQ 3 datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 3A 125VAC/VDC 2SMDSSQ 3FUSE BRD MNT 3A 125VAC/VDC 2SMD3A60276 - Immediate
SSQ 3 product page link
SSQ 500 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 500MA 125VAC/VDCSSQ 500FUSE BOARD MNT 500MA 125VAC/VDC500mA25982 - Immediate
SSQ 500 product page link
SSQ 1 datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 1A 125VAC/VDC 2SMDSSQ 1FUSE BRD MNT 1A 125VAC/VDC 2SMD1A20788 - Immediate
SSQ 1 product page link
SSQ 250 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 250MA 125VAC/VDCSSQ 250FUSE BOARD MNT 250MA 125VAC/VDC250mA20119 - Immediate
SSQ 250 product page link
SMP 500 datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 500MA 600VAC 125VDCSMP 500FUSE BRD MNT 500MA 600VAC 125VDC500mA18231 - Immediate
SMP 500 product page link
SMP 1.25 datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 1.25A 600VAC 125VDCSMP 1.25FUSE BRD MNT 1.25A 600VAC 125VDC1.25A10226 - Immediate
SMP 1.25 product page link
SSQ 2.5 datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 2.5A 125VAC/VDC SMDSSQ 2.5FUSE BRD MNT 2.5A 125VAC/VDC SMD2.5A9854 - Immediate
SSQ 2.5 product page link
SSQ 1.5 datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 1.5A 125VAC/VDC SMDSSQ 1.5FUSE BRD MNT 1.5A 125VAC/VDC SMD1.5A6442 - Immediate
SSQ 1.5 product page link
SSQ 750 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 750MA 125VAC/VDCSSQ 750FUSE BOARD MNT 750MA 125VAC/VDC750mA17187 - Immediate
SSQ 750 product page link
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Published: 2013-03-14