H25 Optical Rotary Encoders

BEI Sensors offers its H25, 2.5", shafted rotary encoder featuring EMI shielding and 40 lb. ABEC 7 bearings

Image of BEI Sensors' H25 Incremental Optical EncodersThe H25 series is the flagship of the BEI Sensors product line and was designed from the ground up for the industrial marketplace. The H25 series offers features such as EMI shielding, 40 lb. ABEC 7 bearings, matched thermal coefficients on critical components, and custom high-efficiency optics. The encoder meets NEMA 4 and 13 requirements when ordered with the shaft seal. The H25 encoders are available in absolute or incremental versions, in addition to an incremental programmable option, Model H25 Omnicoder®, which allows for virtually unlimited resolution variations up to 10,000 PPR. 

Typical applications include machine control, process control, the wood processing industry, oil-well logging, industrial weighing, agricultural machinery, textile equipment, web process control, robotics, and food processing.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Shaft diameter: 3/8" (1/2" as special feature)
  • Flat on shaft: 3/8" shaft: 0.80" long X 0.03" deep; 1/2" shaft: 0.80 long X 0.04" deep (1/2" shaft with flat must be ordered as special feature)
  • Shaft loading: 3/8" shaft: up to 40 pounds axial and 35 pounds radial; 1/2” shaft: up to 90 pounds axial and 80 pounds radial
  • Shaft runout: 0.0005 T.I.R. at midpoint, regardless of shaft diameter
  • Starting torque at 25°C: without shaft seal 1.0 in-oz (max.); with shaft seal 2.5 in-oz (max.); 1/2" shaft with shaft seal: 3.5 in-oz (max.)
  • Bearings: Class ABEC 7 standard, ABEC 5 for 1/2” shaft
  • Shaft material: 416 stainless steel
  • Bearing housing: die cast aluminum with protective finish; stainless steel (special feature)
  • Cover: die cast aluminum; stainless steel (special feature)
  • Bearing life: 2 X 108 revs (1300 hrs. at 2500 RPM) at rated load 1 X 1010 revs (67,000 hrs. at 2500 RPM) at 10% of rated load

H25 Optical Rotary Encoders

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPulses per RevolutionAvailable QuantityView Details
H25D-SS-1024-ABC-28V/V-SM18-S datasheet linkROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 1024PPRH25D-SS-1024-ABC-28V/V-SM18-SROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 1024PPR102443 - Immediate
H25D-SS-1024-ABC-28V/V-SM18-S product page link
H25D-SB-1000-ABC-28V/V-SM16 datasheet linkROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 1000PPRH25D-SB-1000-ABC-28V/V-SM16ROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 1000PPR100012 - Immediate
H25D-SB-1000-ABC-28V/V-SM16 product page link
H25E-F1-SS-1024-ABZC-15V/V-SM12 datasheet linkROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 1024PPRH25E-F1-SS-1024-ABZC-15V/V-SM12ROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 1024PPR10245 - Immediate
H25E-F1-SS-1024-ABZC-15V/V-SM12 product page link
H25E-F1-SS-1024-ABZC-15V/V-SC18-S datasheet linkENCODER ROTARY 1024PPR 15VH25E-F1-SS-1024-ABZC-15V/V-SC18-SENCODER ROTARY 1024PPR 15V10246 - Immediate
H25E-F1-SS-1024-ABZC-15V/V-SC18-S product page link
H25E-F45-SS-100-ABC-28V/V-EM16-S datasheet linkENCODER ROTARY 100PPR 28VH25E-F45-SS-100-ABC-28V/V-EM16-SENCODER ROTARY 100PPR 28V1007 - Immediate
H25E-F45-SS-100-ABC-28V/V-EM16-S product page link
H25E-F45-SB-2048-ABZC-15V/V-SM18-S datasheet linkENCODER ROTARY 2048PPR 15VH25E-F45-SB-2048-ABZC-15V/V-SM18-SENCODER ROTARY 2048PPR 15V204816 - Immediate
H25E-F45-SB-2048-ABZC-15V/V-SM18-S product page link
H25E-F45-SS-2048-ABZC-28V/V-SM18-S datasheet linkENCODER ROTARY 2048PPR 28VH25E-F45-SS-2048-ABZC-28V/V-SM18-SENCODER ROTARY 2048PPR 28V5 V ~ 28 V2 - Immediate
H25E-F45-SS-2048-ABZC-28V/V-SM18-S product page link
H25D-SS-2500-ABC-28V/V-SM16 datasheet linkROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 2500PPRH25D-SS-2500-ABC-28V/V-SM16ROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 2500PPR25003 - Immediate
H25D-SS-2500-ABC-28V/V-SM16 product page link
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Published: 2016-11-18