Wzzard™ Refrigeration Monitoring Starter Kit

B+B SmartWorx's low-power wireless sensing solution does wireless mesh sensing for commercial applications

Image of B+B SmartWorx Wzzard Refrigeration Monitoring Starter KitB+B SmartWorx's solution-ready Wzzard packages for refrigeration and energy monitoring make it easy to capture sensor data and enable ongoing process improvements. Maintaining proper temperature for food and pharmaceuticals is essential for ensuring quality and preventing expensive losses. Adding a remote wireless monitoring system to refrigerators and freezers provides real-time visibility into the status of the goods being protected. Instant alerts via email or text of any out-of-range temperature or a door left open can mean saving goods that would otherwise spoil. The Wzzard refrigeration monitoring starter kit provides a non-intrusive, easily-installed solution for monitoring internal and external temperature, door open/closed, and current draw on refrigeration equipment without disrupting existing facility operations.

  • Monitor refrigeration performance for early fault detection and regulatory compliance
  • Includes everything to monitor chamber temperature, door open/close, and current draw
  • Snap and go set up - no downtime, disruption or cable runs
  • Built-in Node-RED™ software tool for easy deployment
  • Smartmesh® IP wireless mesh for point-to-point self-healing reliability; more resilient as more nodes are added
  • Easily scalable at any time to thousands of sensors
  • Grow from monitoring one unit to many simply by adding more sensor nodes and making simple dashboard edits
  • Commercial refrigeration monitoring
  • Cold storage monitoring

Wzzard Refrigeration Monitoring Starter Kit

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Published: 2018-10-11