SAM G Cortex®-M4-Based MCUs

Microchip's SAM G Cortex®-M4-based MCUs for ultra-low-power and space-constrained applications

Image of Atmel's SAM G Cortex™-M4-Based MCUsMicrochip's SAM G family comes in two series, the SAM G51, and SAM G53. These devices are fully-compatible, even down to the WLCSP package. The SAM G family is all about low-power. There are three main areas that the SAM G is optimized for: active, deep-sleep with SRAM retention, and wake-up time. For most battery-powered applications these three figures are what affect the system power consumption. Both the G51 and G53 embed a Cortex-M4 CPU with an FPU (floating-point-unit). This ensures maximum throughput; this is very important as it allows you to minimize the active-power-consumption, and get to sleep faster in order to reduce the overall power consumption. The devices have 16 DMA channels, which give extremely-high-throughput. The combination of ultra-low power consumption, fast wake-up time, and high-throughput is what gives the SAM G the edge in space- and power-constrained consumer applications such as sensor hubs. It wakes up quickly, has the throughput needed to reduce the amount of time spent in active mode, and then goes back to sleep with SRAM retention to conserve energy. This gives the best performance and longest-battery lifetime. The SAM G family of devices is fully-functional all the way down to 1.62 V, including flash reads and writes, as well as full-ADC operation. This allows for a more flexible power supply scheme that will squeeze extra runtime out of a battery.


  • Down to 100 µA/MHz in active mode
  • Below 7 µA in deep-sleep with SRAM retention
  • Down to 3 µs wake-up from deep-sleep to executing the first instruction in active mode
  • 16 DMA channels
  • Fully-functional down to 1.62 V (including flash read/writes and full ADC operation)


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
ATSAMG53G19A-UUT datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 512KB FLASH 49WLCSPATSAMG53G19A-UUTIC MCU 32BIT 512KB FLASH 49WLCSP0ATSAMG53G19A-UUT product page link
ATSAMG51G18A-UUT datasheet linkIC MCU 32Bit 256KB FLASH 49WLCSPATSAMG51G18A-UUTIC MCU 32Bit 256KB FLASH 49WLCSP0ATSAMG51G18A-UUT product page link
ATSAMG51N18A-AU datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 100LQFPATSAMG51N18A-AUIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 100LQFP0ATSAMG51N18A-AU product page link
ATSAMG53N19A-AU datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 512KB FLASH 100LQFPATSAMG53N19A-AUIC MCU 32BIT 512KB FLASH 100LQFP0ATSAMG53N19A-AU product page link
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Published: 2014-03-28