AT42QT2160 – Touch and Slide Control

Microchip's AT42QT2160 is ideal for use as a small control panel processor in battery-driven consumer devices such as mobile phones, personal media players, and other mobile appliances

Image of Atmel's AT42QT2160 Touch and Slide ControlThe AT42QT2160 from Microchip implements 16 touch channels and a slider (using 2 to 8 channels) as well as LED control, IO expansion and a 2-wire serial interface, compatible to the industry standard I2C bus.

The Integrated Circuit (IC) is ideal for use as a small control panel processor in battery driven consumer devices such as mobile phones, personal media players, PDAs, digital picture frames and other mobile appliances. It is based on Microchip's QMatrix™ and QSlide™ technologies, has very low power requirements and provides a very wide range of host programmable input/output configurations.

The EVK2160A allows the user to evaluate all functions of the AT42QT2160 touch sense controller. The kit provides a convenient reference design and allows the user to visualize discrete touch buttons or a touch slider LED control.

This kit is for the evaluation and development of applications using the AT42QT2160-MMU ('QT2160') 16 Key QMatrixTM IC. In this example, the QT2160 is shown working in a battery powered 'Standalone' mode, but can be connected to a PC and/or User application by simple modifications to the EVK2160A Evaluation Board.

Features Applications
  • Up to 16 independent touch channels
  • Touch slider control (2 to 8 channels) with up to 8 bit resolution
  • Tiny 4 mm x 4 mm MLF package RoHS compliant
  • Integrated LED control through 11 PWM outputs
  • Host programmability through an I2C compatible interface
  • Spread spectrum acquisition
  • Recalibration and Dynamic drift compensation
  • Adjacent Key Suppression (AKS)
  • Very low power operation (> 1.0 µA @ 1.8 V in sleep mode)
  • 11 programmable interface lines – 3 can be configured as inputs or outputs, 8 are output only
  • Personal media players
  • PDAs
  • Laptops
  • Digital still cameras
  • Digital picture frames
  • Audio and video equipment

AT42QT2160 Touch and Slide Control

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AT42QT2160-MMU datasheet linkSENSOR IC MTRX TOUCH16KEY 28-QFNAT42QT2160-MMUSENSOR IC MTRX TOUCH16KEY 28-QFN4514 - Immediate
AT42QT2160-MMU product page link
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Published: 2013-09-24