MP118FD Bandwidth Amplifier

Apex Microtechnology's MP118FD is a low-cost, low quiescent current power operational amplifier that integrates several new layers of onboard circuit protection

MP118FD Bandwidth Amplifier Apex Microtechnology's MP118FD features a high-voltage operation of 200 V, 10 A high-power bandwidth, and overcurrent shut down. Featuring a surface-mount, open-frame packaging design with a footprint measuring just 26 cm2 (4 in2), the MP118FD exhibits just 26 mA of quiescent current and is capable of 100 W of internal power dissipation.

Based on a sibling amplifier MP108FD, the MP118FD introduces several new safe guards including temperature monitoring and temperature and external shut down. The overcurrent limit function available with the MP108FD has been replaced by an overcurrent shut-down functionality for better short-circuit and system protection. This will protect the power amplifier from over stress due to excessive current and unsafe power dissipation. Onboard temperature monitoring circuitry enables the MP118FD to shut down the system before any permanent damage can occur.

In terms of electrical performance, the MP118FD does not disappoint. The product is compatible with supplies up to 200 V, is capable of 10 A of continuous output current, or 12 A PEAK, and has a power bandwidth of 140 kHz. This combination of current, voltage and bandwidth makes the device an ideal solution for piezo transducer drive applications.

  • High-voltage operation: 200 V
  • High output current: 10 A continuous, 12 A PEAK
  • High-power bandwidth: 140 kHz
  • Low quiescent current: 26 mA typical
  • Low cost
  • High maximum internal power dissipation: 100 W
  • Advanced circuit protection including a new over-current shut-down function
  • Open-frame packaging form-factor
  • Piezo drive applications
  • Industrial instrumentation
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Reflectometers
  • Ultra-sound transducer drives


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of CircuitsAvailable QuantityView Details
IC OP AMP GP 10MHZ 34DIPMP118FDIC OP AMP GP 10MHZ 34DIP113 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2014-07-18