MP106 High Output Power Amplifier

Apex Microtechnology’s MP106 output power amplifier is optimized for driving dynamic capacitive load with up to -48 V output voltage swing

Image of Apex Microtechnology’s MP106 High Output Power AmplifierApex Microtechnology’s MP106 is a power amplifier that features a voltage swing of up to -48 V, short-term output current over >30 A, drive capability beyond 500 nF, and 130 W of internal power dissipation. The MP106 was designed to drive dynamic capacitive loads of piezo devices such as those used in inkjet printer nozzles.

The MP106 utilizes Apex proprietary technology with discrete semiconductor and passive elements on a thermally highly conductive, but electrically isolated package, delivering high power with a small footprint. The open frame design measures just 73.4 mm x 41.4 mm and is designed to be mounted above a printhead if desired.

The amplifier gain is fixed at -15 V/V or -20 V/V. It is optimized to achieve a -36 V output voltage swing with a single 3 V DAC. A combination of internal and external compensation provides optimum slew rate (50 V/μs) and ensures stability while reducing the overall number of required components for ease of design-in. The unique electrical characteristics of MP106 were designed for compatibility with Samba™ printheads from Fujifilm Dimatix or other similar inkjet printheads and applications that require high output fidelity independent of the load

  • Optimized solution to drive dynamic capacitive loads of beyond 500 nF
  • Short term output current: >30 A (within SOA)
  • High internal power dissipation of 130 W
  • Fixed gain: 15 V/V or -20 V/V
  • Optimized for achieving a -36 V output voltage swing
  • Slew rate of 50 V/μs
  • Inkjet printers
  • Piezo device drivers

MP106 High Output Power Amplifier

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCurrent - Input BiasVoltage - Input OffsetCurrent - SupplyAvailable QuantityView Details
POWER AMP 60V 30AMP106FCPOWER AMP 60V 30A300nA3mV30mA69 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2018-03-15