Analog Devices IoT and the Intelligence of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) in the most basic sense is a way of connecting every day functions with the world. As IoT has transformed over time it can be broken down into five different and distinct sections: Sense, Measure, Interpret, Connect, and Power Management.

The entire process starts with Sensing something such as light, heat, vibration, etc. and then measures it to generate data. What does the data mean? Data by itself is not meaningful and needs to be interpreted. At this point the interpreted data can be connected to the world to be analyzed and learned. Lastly one needs to act or send commands based on what has been learned. Analog Devices has a large portfolio of Sensing, Measuring, Interpreting, Connecting, and Power Management parts ideally suited for today’s IoT world. Check out the Temperature, Optical and MEMS Sensing products. For Measuring, there is wide range of Integrated Analog Front Ends (AFEs), Converters, Amplifiers, References, and Switches/Muxes.

To Analyze, ADI has Blackfin® low power DSPs, microcontrollers and processors that include the latest ARM® Cortex®-M3 technology which can do that heavy Interpretation of your data for you. To Connect your world to the Cloud, there is a large portfolio of radio/transceiver products for long range and/or high data rates from the narrow bands to the Sub-GHz ISM bands. Since many IoT applications are remote, mobile or wireless, efficient power management is a must. As energy harvesting is a viable option now and can be incorporated, it will extend battery applications so much farther. Check out the large portfolio of IoT-ready parts from Analog Devices.


Sensing is the birthplace of data in the IoT. Our high performance sensing portfolio combines precision, power efficiency, and robustness to ensure the highest level of integrity right from the start.

  • MEMS inertial
  • Optical
  • Biopotential
  • Impedance
  • Temperature


Our robust signal conditioning technologies play a critical role in turning the most sensitive signals into useful data and solving the most challenging measurement problems faced by our customers.

  • Integrated AFEs
  • Converters
  • Amplifiers
  • References
  • Switches/muxes
  • Power management


The brains of the connected solution, our processors combine hardware and advanced algorithms to deliver intelligence, functionality, and localized decision making for IoT solutions.

  • Ultra-low-power microcontrollers and processors
  • Integrated precision microcontrollers and processors
  • Blackfin® low-power DSP


Our IoT radio products ensure power efficiency, reliability, and flexibility across a number of wireless protocols and range requirements. They enable robust networks in applications where timeliness and reliability of information are critical.

  • Long range radio transceivers
  • High data rate radio transceivers
  • Integrated radio/micros

Power Management in IoT

Because many IoT applications require wireless, remote, or mobile solutions, power management can be a primary challenge in system design. Battery life can have significant implications on cost of ownership, and can sometimes be a barrier to viability. Analog Devices takes a system-level approach to power management. What does this mean?

  • Energy harvesting technology to source power from the environment
  • Ultra-low-power products that often achieve best benchmark scores in class
  • System-level power management functions built in at the component level
  • Unmatched design expertise around low-power systems
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