ADL5904 RMS Responding Detector with Threshold Detection

Analog Devices offers their dual-function, radio frequency (RF), DC to 6 GHz TruPwr™ detector for RF and microwave applications

Image of Analog Devices' ADL5904 RMS Responding DetectorADI’s ADL5904 is a dual-function, radio frequency (RF), TruPwr™ detector that operates from DC to 6 GHz. It provides RMS power measurement along with a programmable envelope threshold detection function. The RMS power measurement function has a 45 dB detection range, nominally from -30 dBm to 15 dBm. The RMS power measurement function features low power consumption and an intrinsically, ripple-free error transfer function.

The envelope threshold detection function compares the voltage from an internal envelope detector with a user-defined input voltage. When the voltage from the envelope detector exceeds the user-defined threshold voltage, an internal comparator captures and latches the event to a set / reset (SR) flip-flop. The response time from the RF input signal exceeding the user-programmed threshold to the output latching is 12 ns. The latched event is held on the flip-flop until a reset pulse is applied.

  • TruPwr threshold detection
  • Frequency: 0 Hz to 6 GHz
  • Input range: -30 dBm to 15 dBm
  • Programmable
  • Accuracy: ±1 dB
  • Voltage supply: 3.3 V
  • Current supply: 3.5 mA
  • Package: 16-lead WFQFN (exposed pad, CSP)
  • RF
  • Microwave
  • Transmitter signal strength indication (TSSI)
  • Wireless receiver input protection
  • Wireless power amplifier input and output protection

Eval Board

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ADL5904-EVALZ datasheet linkEVAL BOARDADL5904-EVALZEVAL BOARDPower Detector0Hz ~ 6GHz12 - Immediate
18 - Factory Stock
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ADL5904 RMS Responding Detector

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Published: 2017-01-04