ADALM-PLUTO Active Learning Module

Analog Devices’ wireless communication tools with software defined radio (SDR), ARM® Cortex®-A9 for students, hobbyists, and educators

Image of ADI's ADALM-PLUTOADI’s ADALM-PLUTO is the ideal learning tool/module for radio frequency (RF), software defined radio (SDR), and wireless communications. Each ADALM-PLUTO is capable of full duplex transmit and receive capabilities and comes with two GSM antennas, covering 824-894 MHz and 1710-2170 MHz. Each unit comes with one 15 cm SMA cable for RF loopback, and is powered via USB. The self-contained RF learning module is supported by MATLAB and Simulink system objects; GNU Radio sink and source blocks, libiio, a library with C, C++, C#, and Python bindings.

The internal components of ADALM-PLUTO include AD936x RF Agile Transceiver™ and Analog Devices power solutions, Micron DDR3L and QSPI Flash, Xilinx® Zqynq® programmable SoC, and a USB 2.0 PHY. The firmware of the PlutoSDR is open source and comprises technology from Das U-Boot, the Linux Kernel, and Buildroot. The ADALM-PLUTO is the ideal learning tool for students, hobbyists, and educators wanting to explore wireless, SDR, and communications.

  • Portable self-contained RF learning module
  • Cost-effective experimentation platform
  • RF coverage from 325 MHz to 3.8 GHz
  • Flexible rate, 12-bit ADC and DAC
  • One transmitter and one receiver (female SMA, 50 Ω)
  • Half or full duplex
  • MATLAB, Simulink support
  • GNU radio sink and source blocks
  • Libiio, a C, C++, C#, and Python API
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Plastic enclosure
  • USB powered
  • Up to 20 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth (complex I/Q)
Image of ADI's ADALM-PLUTO Block Diagram


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Published: 2017-02-10