Cable Glands

Commercial, liquid-tight cable glands available from Amphenol, with both metric and PG threads, and in metallic and non-metallic versions

Image of Amphenol Industrial's Cable GlandsAmphenol Industrial Global Operations introduces a series of commercial liquid-tight cable glands available both with metric and PG threads, and in metallic and non-metallic versions. These glands are suitable for a wide range of applications, from manufacturing machinery to measurement and control equipment, such as automation and robotics. These glands can connect to Amphenol Industrial Global Operations circular products with adaptors or be used individually. The commercial cable glands have been successfully used at major OEMs.

  • Complete line of metal and nylon industrial cable glands
  • IP68 rated
  • UL 94V-2 approved material
  • Entry threads range from PG7 through PG48 and M12 x 1.5 through M90 x 2
  • Temp range: -20°C to +105°C
Metal Cable Glands
  • Material: brass with nickel; brass with tin/nickel
  • Clamping: UL approved PA6, 94V-0
  • Seal ring: UL 94V-2 (UL approved NBR, 94V-2;UL approved Dow Corning rubber, 94V-0)
  • Thread type: metric, PG, NPT
  • Protective: IP68 (tighten with O-ring)
  • Temp range: -40°C to +100°C
  • Torque value (N-M) to tighten the fitting to the flexible cord: 6.25N-M
  • Torque value (N-M) to tighten the fitting to the threaded hub: 4.17N-M
  • M12, M16, M20 are UL recognized under file #E339605
Nylon Cable Glands
  • Material: nylon 66 (UL approved 94V-2)
  • Seal ring: UL 94V-2 (UL approved 94V-2)
  • Thread type: metric, PG, NPT
  • Temp range: static -40°C to +100°C
  • Dynamic: -20°C to +80°C
  • Short term: +120°C
  • Current colors: gray, black

Metal Cable Glands

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCable DiameterThread SizeAvailable QuantityView Details
AIO-CSJM12 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND METAL M12 3-6.5MMAIO-CSJM12CABLE GLAND METAL M12 3-6.5MM0.12" ~ 0.26" (3.0mm ~ 6.5mm)M12x1.5853 - Immediate
AIO-CSJM12 product page link
AIO-CSJM20 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND METAL M20 6-12MMAIO-CSJM20CABLE GLAND METAL M20 6-12MM0.24" ~ 0.47" (6.0mm ~ 12.0mm)M20x1.5827 - Immediate
AIO-CSJM20 product page link
AIO-CSJM18 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND METAL M18 5-10MMAIO-CSJM18CABLE GLAND METAL M18 5-10MM0.20" ~ 0.39" (5.0mm ~ 10.0mm)M18x1.5165 - Immediate
AIO-CSJM18 product page link
AIO-CSJM25 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND METAL M25 13-18MMAIO-CSJM25CABLE GLAND METAL M25 13-18MM0.51" ~ 0.71" (13.0mm ~ 18.0mm)M25x1.5237 - Immediate
AIO-CSJM25 product page link
AIO-CSJM24 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND METAL M24 10-14MMAIO-CSJM24CABLE GLAND METAL M24 10-14MM0.39" ~ 0.55" (10.0mm ~ 14.0mm)M24x1.5257 - Immediate
AIO-CSJM24 product page link
AIO-CSJM32 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND METAL M32 18-25MMAIO-CSJM32CABLE GLAND METAL M32 18-25MM0.71" ~ 0.98" (18.0mm ~ 25.0mm)M32x1.593 - Immediate
AIO-CSJM32 product page link
AIO-CSJM22 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND METAL M22 10-14MMAIO-CSJM22CABLE GLAND METAL M22 10-14MM0.39" ~ 0.55" (10.0mm ~ 14.0mm)M22x1.534 - Immediate
AIO-CSJM22 product page link
AIO-CSJM50 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND METAL M50 32-38MMAIO-CSJM50CABLE GLAND METAL M50 32-38MM1.26" ~ 1.50" (32.0mm ~ 38.0mm)M50x1.539 - Immediate
AIO-CSJM50 product page link
AIO-CSJM27 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND METAL M27 13-18MMAIO-CSJM27CABLE GLAND METAL M27 13-18MM0.51" ~ 0.71" (13.0mm ~ 18.0mm)M27x235 - Immediate
AIO-CSJM27 product page link
AIO-CSJM30 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND METAL M30 13-18MMAIO-CSJM30CABLE GLAND METAL M30 13-18MM0.51" ~ 0.71" (13.0mm ~ 18.0mm)M30x230 - Immediate
AIO-CSJM30 product page link
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Nylon Cable Glands

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCable DiameterThread SizeAvailable QuantityView Details
AIO-CSM12 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND NYLON M12 3-6.5MMAIO-CSM12CABLE GLAND NYLON M12 3-6.5MM0.12" ~ 0.26" (3.0mm ~ 6.5mm)M12x1.512654 - Immediate
AIO-CSM12 product page link
AIO-CSM18 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND NYLON M18 5-10MMAIO-CSM18CABLE GLAND NYLON M18 5-10MM0.20" ~ 0.39" (5.0mm ~ 10.0mm)M18x1.52698 - Immediate
AIO-CSM18 product page link
AIO-CSM20 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND NYLON M20 6-12MMAIO-CSM20CABLE GLAND NYLON M20 6-12MM0.24" ~ 0.47" (6.0mm ~ 12.0mm)M20x1.51948 - Immediate
AIO-CSM20 product page link
AIO-CSM22 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND NYLON M22 10-14MMAIO-CSM22CABLE GLAND NYLON M22 10-14MM0.39" ~ 0.55" (10.0mm ~ 14.0mm)M22x1.5744 - Immediate
AIO-CSM22 product page link
AIO-CSM25 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND NYLON M25 13-18MMAIO-CSM25CABLE GLAND NYLON M25 13-18MM0.51" ~ 0.71" (13.0mm ~ 18.0mm)M25x1.5328 - Immediate
AIO-CSM25 product page link
AIO-CSM32 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND NYLON M32 18-25MMAIO-CSM32CABLE GLAND NYLON M32 18-25MM0.71" ~ 0.98" (18.0mm ~ 25.0mm)M32x1.51186 - Immediate
AIO-CSM32 product page link
AIO-CSM40 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND NYLON M40 22-32MMAIO-CSM40CABLE GLAND NYLON M40 22-32MM0.87" ~ 1.26" (22.0mm ~ 32.0mm)M40x1.51120 - Immediate
AIO-CSM40 product page link
AIO-CSM24 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND NYLON M24 10-14MMAIO-CSM24CABLE GLAND NYLON M24 10-14MM0.39" ~ 0.55" (10.0mm ~ 14.0mm)M24x1.5363 - Immediate
AIO-CSM24 product page link
AIO-CSM30 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND NYLON M30 13-18MMAIO-CSM30CABLE GLAND NYLON M30 13-18MM0.51" ~ 0.71" (13.0mm ~ 18.0mm)M30x2383 - Immediate
AIO-CSM30 product page link
AIO-CSM36 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND NYLON M36 18-25MMAIO-CSM36CABLE GLAND NYLON M36 18-25MM0.71" ~ 0.98" (18.0mm ~ 25.0mm)M36x2239 - Immediate
AIO-CSM36 product page link
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Published: 2013-07-18