DLVR Series Low Voltage Digital Pressure Sensors

The DLVR series mini digital output sensor is based on All Sensors’ CoBeam²™ technology

Image of All Sensors' DLVR Series Low Voltage Digital Pressure SensorsThe DLVR series mini digital output sensor is based on All Sensors CoBeam² technology. This reduces package stress susceptibility, resulting in improved overall long-term stability. The technology also vastly improves position sensitivity compared to single-die devices.

The supply voltage options ease integration of the sensors into a wide range of process control and measurement systems, allowing direct connection to serial communications channels. For battery-powered systems, the sensors can enter very-low-power modes between readings to minimize load on the power supply.

These calibrated and compensated sensors provide accurate, stable output over a wide temperature range. This series is intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids such as air, dry gases, and others. A protective parylene coating is optionally available for moisture/harsh media protection.

  • 3.3 V supply voltage standard / 5 V option
  • I2C standard interface / SPI interface option
  • 1 to 60 in H2O pressure ranges
  • Better than 1.0% accuracy over-temperature (typ.)
  • HVAC
  • Medical breathing
  • Industrial controls
  • Environmental controls
  • Portable/hand-held equipment


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionOperating PressureAvailable QuantityView Details
DLVR-L01D-E1NJ-C-NI3F datasheet linkSENSOR PRESSURE 1" H2O 8SMDDLVR-L01D-E1NJ-C-NI3FSENSOR PRESSURE 1" H2O 8SMD±0.04 PSI (±0.25 kPa)65 - Immediate
DLVR-L01D-E1NJ-C-NI3F product page link
DLVR-L02D-E1NJ-C-NI3F datasheet linkSENSOR PRESSURE 2" H2O 8SMDDLVR-L02D-E1NJ-C-NI3FSENSOR PRESSURE 2" H2O 8SMD±0.07 PSI (±0.5 kPa)23 - Immediate
DLVR-L02D-E1NJ-C-NI3F product page link
DLVR-L10D-E1NS-C-NI3F datasheet linkSENSOR PRESSURE 10" H2O 4SIPDLVR-L10D-E1NS-C-NI3FSENSOR PRESSURE 10" H2O 4SIP±0.36 PSI (±2.49 kPa)16 - Immediate
DLVR-L10D-E1NS-C-NI3F product page link
DLVR-L02D-E1NS-C-NI3F datasheet linkSENSOR PRESSURE 2" H2O 4SIPDLVR-L02D-E1NS-C-NI3FSENSOR PRESSURE 2" H2O 4SIP±0.07 PSI (±0.5 kPa)6 - Immediate
DLVR-L02D-E1NS-C-NI3F product page link
DLVR-L02D-E2NJ-C-NI5F datasheet linkSENSOR PRESSURE 2" H2O 8SMDDLVR-L02D-E2NJ-C-NI5FSENSOR PRESSURE 2" H2O 8SMD±0.07 PSI (±0.5 kPa)7 - Immediate
DLVR-L02D-E2NJ-C-NI5F product page link
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Published: 2013-09-20