AK09970D Ultra-Small Tri-Axis Magnetic Smart Switch

AKM's AK09970D has 1/5 of the packaging area of the conventional AK09970N

Image of AKM's AK09970D Ultra-Small Tri-Axis Magnetic Smart Switch AKM's AK09970D is a device with a much smaller overall footprint than its conventional tri-axis magnetic smart switch sensor, the AK09970N. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and various wearable devices, can be equipped with this sensor that requires low power consumption and a high degree of freedom in placement. Applications include open/close, stroke, rotation, and push detection in mobile devices.

  • Power saving function (low power consumption, magnetic event notification)
    • Low average current consumption of 1.0 µA at 1 Hz
    • Has the ability to notify the system when a magnetic field has exceeded a set threshold through an internal register or an external output pin, allowing a system to enter a sleep mode until a magnetic interrupt event occurs
  • Reduction of package area to 1/5 of conventional product
    • By adopting a 1.35 mm, 6-pin WL-CSP package, the area has been reduced to an ultra-small size compared to the conventional 3.0 mm, 16-pin QFN package

AK09970D Ultra-Small Tri-Axis Magnetic Smart Switch

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTechnologyAxisSensing RangeAvailable QuantityView Details
IC 3D MAGNETIC SENSORAK09970DIC 3D MAGNETIC SENSORHall EffectX, Y, Z±36mT9820 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2019-11-08