ISOLOSS™ SL Series Elastomers

Aearo Technologies' premium damped synthetic rubber for reducing noise and vibration in electronic devices

Image of Aearo Technologies' ISOLOSS™ SL Series ElastomersAearo Technologies' E-A-R™ ISOLOSS elastomers are highly damped, low modulus, thermoset compounds with exceptional molding stability. These materials exhibit high internal damping, excellent resistance to creep and compression, and can be metal-bonded during molding.

The ISOLOSS SL series are the highest damped E-A-R elastomers, capable of loss factors above 2. There are multiple Type A durometers available including SL-20300 (19), SL-35300 (30), SL-50300 (45), and SL-60300 (56).


  • Very highly damped for noise, shock, and vibration control
  • Available in four Type A durometers from 19 to 56
  • Broad service temperature range
  • Exceptional metal-bonding
  • UL94 flammability listed HB
  • RoHS compliant and halogen-free
  • Rugged laptops, tablets, and smartphones:
    • Bumpers, damping pads, and enclosure ruggedization
  • Smarthome devices (IoT):
    • Microphones and speaker isolation, and enclosure ruggedization
  • Servers and data centers:
    • Fan mounts, HDD isolation, and cage dampers
  • Drones (UAVs):
    • Gimbal isolation and PCB protection

ISOLOSS™ SL Series Elastomers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionLength - OverallAvailable QuantityView Details
RND STNDFF #4-40 SYN RUB 8.13MMMB-100-UC04-SL20300RND STNDFF #4-40 SYN RUB 8.13MM0.520" (13.21mm)1860 - ImmediateView Details
RND STNDFF #4-40 SYN RUB 8.13MMMM-100-UC04-SL20300RND STNDFF #4-40 SYN RUB 8.13MM0.720" (18.29mm)472 - ImmediateView Details
RND STANDOFF #8-32 SYN RUB 1/2MB-200-UC08-SL20300RND STANDOFF #8-32 SYN RUB 1/2"0.875" (22.23mm) 7/8"500 - ImmediateView Details
RND STANDOFF #6-32 SYN RUB 1/2MB-200-UC06-SL20300RND STANDOFF #6-32 SYN RUB 1/2"0.875" (22.23mm) 7/8"440 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2018-10-11