ISOLOSS™ HD Elastomers

Aearo Technologies' premium damped polyurethane (PU) elastomers for reducing noise and vibration

Image of Aearo Technologies' ISOLOSS™ HD ElastomersAearo Technologies' E-A-R™ ISOLOSS elastomers are highly damped, low modulus, thermoset compounds with exceptional molding stability. These materials exhibit high internal damping, excellent resistance to creep and compression, and can be metal-bonded during molding.

These ISOLOSS HD elastomers are chemically resistant for a broad range of applications and have a loss factor up to 1.1.


  • Highly damped for noise, shock, and vibration control
  • Chemically resistant
  • Exceptional metal-bonding
  • Broad service temperature range
  • UL94 flammability listed HB
  • RoHS compliant and halogen-free
  • Automotive:
    • Anti-vibration grommets, bushings, wire, and fluid line controls
  • Lab test equipment:
    • Anti-vibration grommets and isolation pads
  • Rugged handheld:
    • Device damping and protection
  • Industrial:
    • Machinery mounts, feet, and pads

ISOLOSS™ HD Elastomers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionGenderLength - OverallAvailable QuantityView Details
MF-100-UC04-H datasheet linkRND STNDFF #4-40 SYN 8.13MM 1PCMF-100-UC04-HRND STNDFF #4-40 SYN 8.13MM 1PCMale, Female0.520" (13.21mm)3945 - Immediate
MF-100-UC04-H product page link
MM-100-UC04-H datasheet linkRND STNDFF #4-40 SYN 8.13MM 1PCMM-100-UC04-HRND STNDFF #4-40 SYN 8.13MM 1PCMale, Male0.720" (18.29mm)2255 - Immediate
MM-100-UC04-H product page link
RND STNDFF #4-40 SYN 8.13MM 1PCMB-100-UC04-HRND STNDFF #4-40 SYN 8.13MM 1PCMale, Blank0.520" (13.21mm)1997 - Immediate
MB-100-UC04-H product page link
FB-100-UC04-H datasheet linkRND STNDFF #4-40 SYN 8.13MM 1PCFB-100-UC04-HRND STNDFF #4-40 SYN 8.13MM 1PCFemale, Blank0.320" (8.13mm)946 - Immediate
FB-100-UC04-H product page link
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Published: 2018-10-11