Surface-Mount Heat Sinks

Aavid's surface-mount heat sinks are suitable for SMT power semiconductor devices

Surface Mount Heat SinksThe Aavid line of low profile surface-mount heat sinks is suitable for SMT power semiconductor devices in D-PAK, D2PAK, D3PAK, and SO-10 packages. Their unique design removes heat indirectly through conduction without making contact with the SMT device like traditional through-hole solutions.

The semiconductor's conventional copper drain pad is modified to extend beyond the edges of the semiconductor package, providing space to mount the heat sink. The device and heat sink are soldered directly to the modified drain pad, creating a thermal transfer path from the package tab to the surface-mount heat sink. In addition, the elevated "wings" of the heat sink provide ample surface area to dissipate the heat into the surrounding environment.

  • No attachment holes required in the printed circuit board
  • Wing configuration will not interfere with adjacent components
  • Compatible with both tin-lead and lead free (Sn/Ag/Cu) solders
  • Power supplies
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Motor controls
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial process control equipment
  • Consumer products

Heat Sinks

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
TOP MOUNT HEATSINK .4573300D00000GTOP MOUNT HEATSINK .4" D2PAK8391 - ImmediateView Details
HEATSINK D2PAK .4573300D00010GHEATSINK D2PAK .4" HIGH SMD12 - ImmediateView Details
TOP MOUNT HEATSINK .4573100D00000GTOP MOUNT HEATSINK .4" D-PAK2752 - ImmediateView Details
TOP MOUNT HEATSINK .457109DGTOP MOUNT HEATSINK .45" D2PAK3951 - ImmediateView Details
Updated: 2018-06-04
Published: 2012-06-29