300 Series Solderless Breadboards

3M series 300 breadboards incorporate design and fabrication to yield a circuit building system with unparalleled flexibility and reliability

Image of 3M's 300 Series Solderless Breadboards3M's voltage distribution system, integrated with the basic component breadboarding matrix and 5-way binding posts, provides the interface for connections from a power supply, signal generator, or other external equipment.

All models incorporate the 3M laboratory-proven, multi-tie-point terminal design for convenient, solderless, plug-in circuit building. Each terminal position contains electronically connected tie points spaced on a continuous .100" matrix to accept any component with .100" lead spacing, as well as components whose leads can be dressed to fit. The surface of the steel base is high-gloss baked enamel for protection. Rubber feet prevent sliding during benchwork.

Solderless Breadboard image

Features Specifications
  • Simply plug in components and interconnect with ordinary 22 gauge solid wire. Time-consuming soldering is eliminated and all components can be used again.
  • 3M jumper wires are included.
  • The sturdy metal base plate serves as a ground plane to help minimize noise and voltage spikes in today's high-speed circuits.
  • DIPS of all sizes and a wide variety of discrete components with lead diameters of up to 0.32" can be used.
  • By jumping across the center area, full length distribution buses can be created vertically.
  • Use the 5-way binding posts for easy connection to ground, power supply, or other external equipment.
  • Alpha-numeric identification along the strips allows for fast and easy layout designs and project applications. Every tie-point position on the strip can quickly be identified by a letter and number combination.
  • Number of 5-Tie Point Terminals: 94 to 768
  • Number of Binding Posts: 2 to 4
  • Number of Distribution Buses: 2 to 12
  • Number of Terminal Strips: 1 to 5
  • Number of Tie Points (Total): 610 to 5424
  • Type: Assembly (On Frame)
  • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG

300 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeNumber of Terminal StripsNumber of Distribution BusesAvailable QuantityView Details
922309 datasheet linkBREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE309922309BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE309Assembly (On Frame)12151 - Immediate
922309 product page link
922327 datasheet linkBREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE327922327BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE327Assembly (On Frame)3883 - Immediate
922327 product page link
922336 datasheet linkBREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE336922336BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE336Assembly (On Frame)41039 - Immediate
922336 product page link
922318 datasheet linkBREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE318922318BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE318Assembly (On Frame)2654 - Immediate
922318 product page link
922306 datasheet linkBREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE306922306BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE306Assembly (On Frame)1235 - Immediate
922306 product page link
922354 datasheet linkBREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE354922354BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE354Assembly (On Frame)51210 - Immediate
922354 product page link
922345 datasheet linkBREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE345922345BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS ACE345Assembly (On Frame)5127 - Immediate
922345 product page link
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Published: 2013-09-10