Thermally Conductive Acrylic Interface Pad 5590H

3M's 5590H thermally conductive acrylic interface pads offer effective heat transfer and vibration damping for demanding thermal applications

Image of 3M's Thermally Conductive Acrylic Interface Pad 5590H3M thermal management materials are proven, high performance solutions for cooling high intensity LEDs, bonding heat sinks, heat spreaders and other cooling devices to IC packages and power transistors. 3M thermal interface pads are soft and conformable to provide maximum wet-out for effective heat transfer and vibration damping for the most demanding thermal applications.

3M Thermally Conductive Acrylic Interface Pad 5590H is a soft acrylic elastomer based interface pad. It has high thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation properties, and is ideally suited for applications that require non-silicone properties.

5589H, 5590H Series Brochure 5589H, 5590H Series Technical Data


Features and Benefits Applications
  • Good softness and conformability to non-flat surfaces
  • Excellent compressive stress relaxation
  • Non-silicone acrylic elastomer
  • Good dielectric performance
  • Good surface tack leads to low thermal resistance at surface
  • Excellent durability for long term thermal conductivity and electric insulation stability
  • Can be die cut to fit most applications
  • Gap filling parts in electronic components
  • IC packaging heat conduction
  • Heat sink bonding
  • Chip head conduction
  • LED board TIM
  • HD TV address IC Chip and Scan Module Board
  • Non-silicone requirement
3M custom-cut products match 3M technologies to your requirements with the exact form, fit, and functionality you need. Digi-Key can offer you a quote on your secondary services. For more information on 3M available options or if you need assistance, contact Please send outline dimensional drawings to the aforementioned e-mail address.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionShapeAvailable QuantityView Details
50MM-5M-0.5MM-5590H datasheet linkTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 50MM50MM-5M-0.5MM-5590HTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 50MMRectangle33 - Immediate
50MM-5M-0.5MM-5590H product page link
5590H-RECTIFIER product page link
120MM-1M-0.5MM-5590H datasheet linkTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 120MM120MM-1M-0.5MM-5590HTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 120MMRectangle63 - Immediate
120MM-1M-0.5MM-5590H product page link
5590H-TO220 datasheet linkTHERMO PAD 5590H TO-2205590H-TO220THERMO PAD 5590H TO-220Rectangle435 - Immediate
5590H-TO220 product page link
1X1-100-5590H-SQUARE datasheet linkTHERML INTERFACE PAD 1X1 1=100PC1X1-100-5590H-SQUARETHERML INTERFACE PAD 1X1 1=100PCSquare20 - Immediate
1X1-100-5590H-SQUARE product page link
12.7MM-5M-0.5MM-5590H datasheet linkTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 12.7MM12.7MM-5M-0.5MM-5590HTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 12.7MMRectangle62 - Immediate
12.7MM-5M-0.5MM-5590H product page link
19.05MM-5M-0.5MM-5590H datasheet linkTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 19.04MM19.05MM-5M-0.5MM-5590HTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 19.04MMRectangle15 - Immediate
19.05MM-5M-0.5MM-5590H product page link
240MM-1M-0.5MM-5590H datasheet linkTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 240MM240MM-1M-0.5MM-5590HTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 240MMRectangle13 - Immediate
240MM-1M-0.5MM-5590H product page link
5590H-05-1"-CIRCLE-100/PK datasheet linkTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 1" CIRCLE5590H-05-1"-CIRCLE-100/PKTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 1" CIRCLERound639 - Immediate
5590H-05-1"-CIRCLE-100/PK product page link
5590H-TO5 datasheet linkTHERMO PAD 5590H TO-55590H-TO5THERMO PAD 5590H TO-5Round630 - Immediate
5590H-TO5 product page link
5590H-TO218 datasheet linkTHERMO PAD 5590H TO-2185590H-TO218THERMO PAD 5590H TO-218Rectangle614 - Immediate
5590H-TO218 product page link
5590H-DO5 datasheet linkTHERMO PAD 5590H DO-55590H-DO5THERMO PAD 5590H DO-5Round297 - Immediate
5590H-DO5 product page link
5590H-05-2"-CIRCLE-100/PK datasheet linkTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 2" CIRCLE5590H-05-2"-CIRCLE-100/PKTHERMAL INTERFACE PAD 2" CIRCLERound853 - Immediate
5590H-05-2"-CIRCLE-100/PK product page link
5590H-TO3 datasheet linkTHERMO PAD 5590H TO-35590H-TO3THERMO PAD 5590H TO-3Rhombus455 - Immediate
5590H-TO3 product page link
5590H-PWRMODULE datasheet linkTHERMO PAD 5590H PWR MOD5590H-PWRMODULETHERMO PAD 5590H PWR MODRectangle303 - Immediate
5590H-PWRMODULE product page link
3M 5590H-05 240MM X 9" datasheet linkTHRMLLY COND PAD 240MMX 9" 1=1PC3M 5590H-05 240MM X 9"THRMLLY COND PAD 240MMX 9" 1=1PCRectangle03M 5590H-05 240MM X 9" product page link
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Published: 2013-05-16