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Image of CEC (Continuing Education Center)
2022-05-23 - 2022-05-27
Digi-Key's Continuing Education Center

BeagleBone Black is a Linux-based development board based on the Texas Instruments AM335x Sitara Cortex-A8 processor. The BeagleBone Black is programmed using open-source methods and GCC compilers. This CEC course will introduce participants to the BeagleBone Black platform and walk through all the steps necessary to set up the BeagleBone open-source toolset. The course will also detail methods that are key to developing BeagleBone applications that interface with external IoT devices. It covers the original Ethernet-based BeagleBone Black as well as the BeagleBone Black Wireless.

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image of Enhanced Protection with TI’s new Isolated Repeaters Webinar
2022-05-24 - 2022-05-24

With isolated USB repeaters, you can meet emission requirements in factory automation, motor drive, medical, and grid applications while maintaining system performance.

Learn how to enhance performance and protection in harsh environments with high-speed isolated USB repeaters.

This presentation will cover:

  • Why isolated USB is required
  • Which applications require isolated USB repeaters
  • How isolation products work
  • TI’s new isolated USB repeater portfolio: ISOUSB211 and ISOUSB111
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image of Past, Present, and Future of Parts List Management Webinar
2022-05-25 - 2022-05-25

Wish there was a faster way to check stock, get a quote, collaborate with your colleagues, and then simply place an order from one place? myLists can check that off your to-do list!

We’ll start with a brief history and a demo of the myLists tool. Then open it up to the audience for a Q&A session.

Join us live or watch later on-demand as we show you the benefits of myLists and:

  • The Past: Why did we combine all these features?
  • The Present: What about the new Quote integration and other features of myLists?
  • The Future: Which features are next for myLists?
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image of Remotely Monitor Equipment in a Challenging Environment with Single-Pair Ethernet Webinar
2022-06-08 - 2022-06-08

You can significantly improve your ability to acquire and transmit data quickly and reliably with Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE). SPE represents a major leap in technology to support industrial automation and automation.

What you will learn:

  • Learn the Benefits and what SPE can do for you
  • See Applications and Case Studies for SPE with IIoT and Industrial Automation
  • Watch a demonstration using new SPE rapid prototyping tools to remotely monitor vibration and motor control in a challenging environment
  • Bonus: The demo will take participants into the depths of SparkFun headquarters to take a look at the river that runs under the building! (It definitely requires monitoring!)
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