Date Title Source
2022-04-07 Codaca Partners with Digi-Key INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTION
2022-04-01 Business Update from Digi-Key (Markt&Technik)
2022-03-11 Digi-Key Wins GCT Global Plaudit Electronic Specifier
2022-02-17 Digi-Key Adds Spark Microsystems to Global Linecard Electronic Specifier
2022-02-17 FPGA Starter Videos to Help Soften that Learning Curve Hackaday
2022-01-19 What's Ahead for Electronics Distributors in 2022 Electronics Sourcing Online
2022-01-01 Covid has made the case for automation - page 42 Drives&Controls
2021-12-01 Factory of the future: Industry 4.0 & IIoT innovations deliver smarter, safer, more efficient manufacturing - pages 20-22 Electronic Product Design & Test
2021-11-18 Digi-Key Named aTop 3 Distributor by EE Awards Asia electronics maker
2021-11-18 Digi-Key Names New VP in Americas & EMEA EPSNews
2021-11-16 TDK recognizes Digi-Key with best global performance award for FY2021 eBOM
2021-11-15 Turnkey bundles ease private LoRaWAN creation EDN
2021-11-10 Digi-Key and partners introduce LoRaWAN-in-a-box solutions eBOM
2021-11-01 DevBoard Watch: The 2021 Boards Guide to MCUs, SBCs and FPGA-based boards Electronics Weekly
2021-10-26 A whirlwind year in distribution eeNews Europe
2021-09-15 Digi-Key Electronics Teams Up With Siemens to Distribute Automation and Control Products electronics B2B
2021-09-01 Use sensorless vector control with BLDC and PMS motors to deliver precise motion control - pages 14-16 Design Products & Applications
2021-08-19 Digi-Key, EDA Design Automation Orcad Tie-up Aids Engineers Electronic Specifier
2021-08-16 Digi-Key | Factory Tomorrow Ep 1: Mapping the Factory Floor SemiMedia
2021-08-01 How to select the right components to protect medical devices, users & patients - Pages 18-23 Electronic Product Design & Test
2021-07-01 EYE ON NPI – Digi-Key Electronics Innovation Handbook Adafruit Blog
2021-06-14 Challenges Facing Electronics Distributors-Interview with Digi-Key Electonic Notes
2021-06-09 Rochester Electronics Joins Digi-Key Marketplace Electronic Specifier
2021-06-08 Digi-Key Partners With Rochester on EOL EPSNews
2021-06-07 Digi-Key supplies Startups Survival Guide Electronics Weekly
2021-05-10 Industry Voices: Digi-Key Points to IoT as Key to Effective Automation Design News
2021-04-30 Digi-Key, ERNI Seal Global Pact Electronic Specifier
2021-04-29 Digi-Key announces distribution partnership with ArkX Laboratories New Electronics
2021-04-13 Digi-Key Adds ArkX Labs’ EveryWord™ Far-Field Voice Capture Solutions to its E-commerce Marketplace Business Wire
2021-04-02 Digi-Key Introduces Power Focus Campaign with MEAN WELL to Provide Power Supply Solutions Electronics News
2021-04-01 Digi-Key launches prototype PCB programme eeNews Europe
2021-03-24 Smart agriculture is helping farming evolve (pages 24-25) Electronics Weekly
2021-03-17 From Electronic Morse Keyer to Global Company Elektronik Praxis
2021-03-04 From Electronic Morse Keyer to Global Company ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS
2021-03-01 Sustaining the industry and the environment - pages 22-23 CIE
2021-02-12 Digi-Key Electronics Announces Distribution Partnership With FEITIAN Technologies elektronikab2b
2021-02-10 How smart agriculture is evolving the farming industry Smart Industry
2021-01-28 Defying the pandemic through innovations (Markt&Technik)
2021-01-27 Digi-Key Electronics Launches New Smart Agriculture Video Series electronics maker
2021-01-27 Use Reliable Isolation ADCs to Effectively Control Three-Phase Induction Motors Manufacturing Tomorrow
2021-01-11 Digi-Key announces global distribution partnership with LogiSwitch New Electronics
2021-01-05 Digi-Key becomes official Raspberry Pi authorised distributor New Electronics
2020-12-22 Digi-Key becomes official Raspberry Pi authorized distributor SemiMedia
2020-12-22 Digi-Key Electronics announces global distribution partnership with Nicomatic EE World Online
2020-12-17 Digi-Key adds micro connectors to MarketPlace initiative Electronic Specifier
2020-12-09 Digi-Key Electronics' Linda Johnson Named One of 2020's Notable Women in Technology by Twin Cities Business PR Newswire
2020-12-09 Digi-Key adds GLF power products for IoT and wearable designs EENews Embedded
2020-12-09 Digi-Key adds more power to global linecard Electronic Specifier
2020-12-02 Digi-Key announces Taoglas custom RF cable builder Microwave Engineering Europe-MWee
2020-12-01 Increased Intelligence at the IoT Edge (pages 38-41) Electronic Specifier
2020-11-26 Nautilus connector caps provide an extra level of ingress protection eBOM
2020-11-24 The Great Search: Piezo and Magnetic Buzzers #TheGreatSearch #DigiKey @DigiKey @Adafruit Adafruit Blog
2020-11-12 Over 1.5MM SnapEDA CAD models now on Digi-Key! SnapEDA
2020-11-12 Registration Now Open for Digi-Key Electronics Virtual Keynote eeNews Europe
2020-11-02 Women in Engineering — Kim Heinle Nelson Design World Online
2020-10-28 How Do You Get Your First 1,000 Customers? The Startup
2020-10-21 Digi-Key Electronics Announces Global Marketplace Distribution Partnership with ACEINNA PR Newswire
2020-10-20 Digi-Key and Netlist in Partnership
2020-10-20 THERMAL: WHAT PURCHASERS NEED TO KNOW Electronics Sourcing Online
2020-10-16 IoT data management software runs on BeagleBone platform EE World Online
2020-10-14 Digi-Key Electronics Partners with Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) to Host eGaN Motor Drive Webinar EPC
2020-10-13 Digi-Key Electronics and Netlist Announce U.S. Marketplace PR Newswire
2020-10-05 Strategic Sourcing Advice: Lessons From The Pandemic Electronics Sourcing Online
2020-09-29 Syndesy Technologies' SynTRAC™ PL1-202 Cellular Socket Modem Certified on T-Mobile® PR Newswire
2020-09-25 Septentrio Announces Global Distribution Partnership with Digi-Key Robotics & Automation News
2020-09-24 Digi-Key Opens Entries for Back2School Prize Draw Electronic Specifier
2020-09-24 Honors for a Fallen Veteran in Northwest Minnesota WDAY
2020-09-22 Digi-Key Electronics Launches Back2School Prize Draw, Offering Students Chance to Win a Home Lab Setup PR Newswire
2020-09-22 EPC Increases Benchmark Performance Versus Silicon MOSFETs with Latest 100 V eGaN® FET Family Business Wire
2020-09-21 3 Key Digital Transformation Considerations for Procurement Professionals Part Procurer
2020-09-18 Digi-Key extends T&M offering with NI agreement Electronic Specifier
2020-09-17 Digi-Key Electronics to Distribute NI Test and Measurement Products PR Newswire
2020-09-17 The anatomy of security microcontrollers for IoT Electronic Specifier
2020-09-16 Digi-Key pact hastens IoT development and deployment Electronic Specifier
2020-09-08 How distributors can aid design engineers in IoT Electronic Specifier
2020-08-18 Digi-Key Marketplace Goes ‘Beyond the Board’ EPSNews
2020-08-12 Digi-Key Electronics Teams Up With EAO Corporation For New Digital Product Selector Tool electronics B2B
2020-08-04 Digi-Key Electronics Launches Marketplace Initiative for U.S. Customers PRWeb
2020-07-28 200K+ Interconnect Symbols and Footprints Available via Samtec and SnapEDA samtec
2020-07-16 Digi-Key Electronics To Host Free Digital Transformation Webinar EDACAFA
2020-07-04 Digi-Key Hacks UV into Conveyor Line to Protect Warehouse Staff Hackaday
2020-06-25 Unprecedented success in medical device manufacturing - Page 18-20 Electronics Sourcing Online
2020-06-16 partlocater: find parts on @DigiKey and import to a database Adafruit Blog
2020-06-11 New Age Enclosures Announces Partnership with Digi-Key Electronics Electronics Sourcing Online
2020-06-04 Digi-Key Adds Amphenol Procom EPSNews
2020-05-15 Online Courses, Teaching During COVID and What the Industry Can Do to Help electronics maker
2020-04-21 New Contest Puts PSOC Boards in the Hands of 50 Entries Hackaday
2020-04-15 Digi-Key adds IIOT Expertise to Design Program Electronic Specifier
2020-02-18 Digi-Key engineers celebrate Engineers Week 2020 Adafruit Blog
2020-02-17 A.N. Solutions Joins Digi-Key’s Design & Integration Services Program to Help the Developer Community with Industrial IoT Product Engineering PRWeb
2020-01-30 Flex Power Modules signs global agreement with Digi-Key New Electronics
2020-01-29 Flex Power Modules Signs Global Pact With Digi-Key EPSNews
2019-12-23 Make’s Guide to Boards Has a Hidden Secret! Makezine
2019-12-16 Digi-Key Named a Top Ten Distributor by HC360 electronics maker
2019-12-06 Connect an ADXL343+ADT7410 FeatherWing to DK IoT Studio #Feather #IoT #InternetOfThings @DigiKey Adafruit Blog
2019-12-05 Digi-Key Extends Partnership With Precogs EPSNews
2019-12-03 Impact of disruption within distribution to create opportunities Electronic Specifier
2019-11-26 Digi-Key Distribution Centre Build Moves to Next Stage Electronic Specifier
2019-11-26 The Pride of the North (Markt&Technik)
2019-10-17 DigiKey performs a $17 bench power supply teardown #PowerSupply #Safety @Digikey Adafruit Blog
2019-10-11 Have You Seen Our Live Makerspace Tours Yet? Makezine
2019-10-02 New Learn Guide! All the Internet of Things – Episode 3 – "Services" Adafruit Blog
2019-09-27 Digi-Key to Distribute Ricoh Power Management and Real Time Clock ICs PowerPulse.Net
2019-09-11 Digi-Key Announces Exclusive Global Distribution Partnership with Directed Energy CIE
2019-09-09 Student Circuit, Digi-Key Partner For Freshers Week Events Electronic Specifier
2019-07-17 Digilent Recognizes Digi-Key as The Distributor of the Year 2018 Business Wire
2019-07-09 Helix Semiconductors' MxC 200 DC-DC Power ICs Now Available through Digi-Key Globe Newswire
2019-06-18 Ultra-low power, High Speed and Robust CO2 Sensors by GSS – Now Available Direct from Digi-Key Gas Sensing Solutions
2019-06-17 Digi-Key Takes Gold at TDK Awards Electronic Specifier
2019-05-09 Digi-Key Signs Global Kitting Services Deal Electronic Specifier
2019-05-08 U-Blox Elevates Digi-Key to Global Partner Electronic Specifier
2019-05-07 California Integration Coordinators and Digi-Key Electronics announce a strategic relationship to offer Kitting Services to Digi-Key's customers PR Newswire
2019-04-23 Iotize Joins Digi-Key's IOT Stable Electronic Specifier
2019-04-22 Tecate Group Announces Worldwide Distribution Agreement with Digi-Key Electronics PRWeb
2019-04-05 "We Believe Inventory Is An Asset That Promotes Sales" electronics B2B
2019-04-01 Minnesota's NimbeLink looks beyond beehives to the 'Internet of Things' Star Tribune
2019-03-29 Digi-Key launches BOM MTBF prediction service online eeNews Europe
2019-03-25 This Day in Electronics History … Call for help, tweets’ coming #ThisDayInElectronicsHistory Adafruit Blog
2019-03-15 DIGI-KEY WINS TE GLOBAL AWARD Electronic Specifier
2019-02-26 Mark Larson Named Recipient of ERA's Lifetime Achievement Award ERA
2019-02-12 Expanding our business with OEMs has helped us grow substantially electronics B2B
2019-02-11 Navitas signs Digi-Key for global online distribution eeNews Europe
2019-01-22 Digi-Key Wins Bourns POS Plaudit Electronic Specifier
2019-01-16 Digi-Key and Adafruit celebrate four years of business! @digikey @makerio Adafruit Blog
2018-12-17 Circuit Playground Express for Learning Motor Control and Making a Robot PowerPulse.Net
2018-12-12 MEMS Microphone Supplier Signs Digi-Key Deal Electronic Specifier
2018-12-12 New program at LHS called Makerspace provides hands-on experience TRF Times
2018-12-10 Vesper Announces New Distributor, Digi-Key Electronics PR Newswire
2018-12-07 mBot Ranger – Transformable STEM Educational Robot Kit PowerPulse.Net
2018-12-04 Easy-to-Assemble Programmable Drone Gift Pack PowerPulse.Net
2018-11-16 Digi-Key IoT Studio to Simplify IoT Product Design eeNews Europe
2018-11-13 New Digi-Key IoT Studio Delivers "Radical Simplicity" to IoT Developers and Solution Providers PR Newswire
2018-11-01 Digi-Key Pledge For Independent Manufacturers' Rep Council Helps Smooth Transition to New Organizational Structure ECIA Communications
2018-10-17 DIGI-KEY CHEVY REVS UP FOR ELECTRONICA Electronic Specifier
2018-10-12 Infrared Laser Tag Gaming with Circuit Playground Express @digikey @msmakecode Adafruit Blog
2018-10-05 Kitronik Signs Global Distribution Agreement CIE
2018-09-25 Insignis Technology Corporation's Line of SDR/DDR DRAM Components Now Available Globally through Digi-Key PR Newswire
2018-09-07 Cellular Network Backup and Failover Takes Center Stage Electronic Design
2018-09-07 Digi-Key Aims to Prep University Students for Another Year with Back2School Contest PR Newswire
2018-09-07 Digi-Key Expands Internet of Things Offering to Include Cellular Data IoT Plans PR Newswire
2018-09-07 EAO Announces New Global Distribution Agreement with Digi-Key INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTION
2018-09-07 RayVio Drives UV-C LED Innovation with New XD and XR Series PR Newswire
2018-09-07 With IEEE 802.3bt PoE Meets the Smart Building and IoT Electronic Design
2018-09-05 We Currently Have 81 Websites in 10 Languages and 24 Currencies electronics maker
2018-08-21 Digi-Key Bolsters Industrial Automation Portfolio with Notable Suppliers electronics maker
2018-08-21 Powercast's Wireless Charging Technology Available Globally from Digi-Key EDACAFA
2018-08-16 Digi-Key Seals Global Deal with Powercast Electronic Specifier
2018-08-16 Würth Elektronik eiSos distributes further products via Digi-Key CIE
2018-08-14 Powercast’s Wireless Charging Technology Available Globally from Digi-Key Globe Newswire
2018-08-08 Senet and Digi-Key Partner to Bring LoRaWAN Resources to Bear on IoT Development IoT Evolution World
2018-08-08 Senet and Digi-Key Partner to Provide IoT Developers with LoRaWAN Solutions PowerPulse.Net
2018-08-07 EMA Expands Ultra Librarian Library with Complete Set of Power Integrations EDA and MCAD Models electronics maker
2018-08-07 Power Modules Shrink to Meet Space-Constrained App Demands Electronic Design
2018-08-07 The Expanding Role of Sensors in Smart HVAC Systems Electronics Digest
2018-08-02 Distributor of the Year Award DIGILENT BLOG
2018-08-02 Senet and Digi-Key Partner on IoT EPSNews
2018-08-02 Senet and Digi-Key Partner to Provide LoRaWAN Solutions to the IoT Community electronics maker
2018-07-19 Senet and Digi-Key Partner to Provide LoRaWAN Solutions to the IoT Developer Community Globe Newswire
2018-07-12 Molex Presents Digi-Key Electronics with 2017 Global eCatalog Distributor of the Year Award Business Wire
2018-07-12 Qoitech’s Premium software for Otii now available from Digi-Key electronics maker
2018-07-10 Digi-Key Announces 1.0 Release of the KiCad Library PR Newswire
2018-06-13 Digi-Key Wins Vishay Plaudits Electronic Specifier
2018-06-13 IQD Goes Global With Digi-Key Electronic Specifier
2018-06-13 Vishay honours Digi-Key with 2017 European Catalog Distributor of the Year Award CIE
2018-06-07 Bourns Honors Digi-Key with e-Commerce Distributor of the Year Award PR Newswire
2018-06-07 Meet Digi-Key in the Adafruit Discord server all month! Adafruit Blog
2018-06-04 Bourns Names Digi-Key E-Commerce Distributor of the Year EPSNews
2018-06-04 Bourns Selects Digi-Key Electronics as North American eCommerce Distributor of the Year Winner at EDS Electronics Extra
2018-05-29 Bel Fuse Inc. Awards Digi-Key Electronics with Distributor of the Year Award for Second Consecutive Year electronics maker
2018-05-29 Orion Fans Honors Digi-Key with Top Distributor 2017 Golden Fan Award, Largest Sales Volume Increase PR Newswire
2018-05-23 Digikey Maker Minute with the OpenScope MZ DIGILENT BLOG
2018-05-23 How to Isolate High Voltages in Single-Supply Industrial Robotic Systems TechWire International
2018-05-23 How to Optimize Energy Use in IoT Edge Devices TechWire International
2018-05-23 Technology Business Manager at Digi-Key receives Special Award from Harwin Electronics Extra
2018-05-23 Updating Firmware at the Edge Using Amazon FreeRTOS TechWire International
2018-05-14 Digi-Key’s model is well positioned to handle speed and availability electronics maker
2018-05-01 KiCad Playlist with @ShawnHymel – Presented by @digikey | @kicad_pcb Adafruit Blog
2018-04-26 ODU-USA Signs Strategic Distribution Agreement With Digi-Key PRWeb
2018-04-20 All the Internet of Things Episode 3 Services Adafruit Blog
2018-04-16 Mean Well USA Announces Partnership with Digi-Key PowerPulse.Net
2018-04-04 Construction set to begin on Digi-Key’s one million square foot product distribution centre expansion in Thief River Falls CIE
2018-04-02 Capacitive Sensing: A Paradigm Shift for Encoders Electronic Design
2018-04-02 Ruggedized Connectors: Protecting Power and Data in Adverse Conditions Electronic Design
2018-04-02 New From Digi-Key: Take Advantage of IC Load Switches’ Features to Safely Minimize Power Consumption TechWire International
2018-03-26 Construction Set To Start On Digi-Key's $300M Facility Electronic Specifier
2018-03-26 Designing Fitness Wearables for Improved Healthcare Electronic Design
2018-03-26 Digi-Key to Start Construction on New Distribution Center EPSNews
2018-03-26 New In Digi-Key Article Library: Take Advantage of IC Load Switches’ Features to Safely Minimize Power Consumption TechWire International
2018-03-21 From a box of radio parts, Digi-Key grew into a $2.3 billion anchor of northwest Minnesota Star Tribune
2018-03-15 Compact Power Measurement Tool for IoT Applications from Qoitech Now in Stock at Digi-Key Electronics Extra
2018-03-13 Digi-Key Launches WeChat Part Search at Electronica China 2018 EPSNews
2018-03-12 Digi-Key Launches WeChat Part Search Function to Enhance Customer Experience at Electronica China 2018 electronics maker
2018-03-12 Würth Elektronik iBE picks Digi-Key Electronics distribution channel CIE
2018-03-05 Cypress, Digi-Key and SparkFun Collaborate on New Internet of Things Developer Board for Makers Electronics360
2018-03-05 Cypress, SparkFun, & Digi-Key Develop IoT Development Platform EPSNews
2018-03-05 KiCad is big news for schematic capture, says Digi-Key Electronics Weekly
2018-02-13 DIGI-KEY WINS SV MICROWAVE PLAUDIT Electronic Specifier
2018-02-13 Distributor Spotlight Series @Digikey Adafruit Blog
2018-02-13 SV Microwave Awards Digi-Key EPSNews
2018-02-13 VersaSense honoured with IoT Sensor Company of the Year CIE
2018-02-05 VersaSense Honored with IoT Sensor Company of the Year electronics maker
2018-02-02 »Bei 10 Prozent ist noch lange nicht Schluss« (Markt&Technik)
2018-02-02 Keeping up with technology trends and investing in the future Design Products & Applications
2018-02-02 Vom Schweinezyklus der Verfügbarkeit (Markt&Technik)
2018-01-16 New from Digi-Key: Add Firmware Security to an IoT Design with a Single Chip TechWire International
2018-01-16 Why Digi-Key Is Staying In Thief River Falls Electronic Specifier
2018-01-15 Digi-Key Gets Exclusive On SmartFusion2 FPGA Board Electronic Specifier
2018-01-11 Comparing Low Power Wireless Technologies TechWire International
2018-01-11 Why the distributors culture is a winning differentiator New Electronics
2018-01-10 Hereinspaziert, Digi-Key lädt ein nach Thief River Falls ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS
2018-01-09 Digi-Key one step closer to breaking ground on $300 million expansion in northern Minn. Inforum
2018-01-08 Monnit ALTA Products Now Available from Digi-Key Business Wire
2017-12-28 Just Published by Digi-Key: Select and Apply the Right Low-Power Microcontroller for the IoT TechWire International
2017-12-28 Just Released by Digi-Key: How to Quickly Add Environmental Sensing to Industrial IoT Designs TechWire International
2017-12-22 Digi-Key to Attend ELEXCON & Embedded Expo 2017 Amid Record Sales Year electronics maker
2017-12-18 All the Internet of Things – Episode 2 – Protocols @digikey #AllTheIoT #digikey #IoT #protocols @adafruit #adafruit Adafruit Blog
2017-12-18 Digi-Key moves to double its capacity Electronics Weekly
2017-12-18 Digi-Key recognised for connector sales by Harwin Electronics Weekly
2017-12-18 Harwin Awards Digi-Key EPSNews
2017-12-13 Electronics Component Distributors: Huge Inventory Selection & Fast Delivery radioelectronicscom
2017-12-12 CEO interview: Digi-Key builds for the future eeNews Europe
2017-12-12 Digi-Key knackt 2-Mrd.-Dollar-Schwelle (Markt&Technik)
2017-12-11 SuZhou Etron Awards Digi-Key EPSNews
2017-11-22 Digi-Key Now Stocking Ametherm Glass-Encapsulated Thermistors for Automotive Applications Electronics Sourcing Online
2017-11-20 Digi-Key Offers Ametherm Glass-Encapsulated Thermistors EPSNews
2017-11-17 Digi-Key Bolsters Global Sensors Options Electronic Specifier
2017-11-17 Digi-Key Ships Cypress PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit EPSNews
2017-11-16 Cypress Semiconductor PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit Now In Stock at Digi-Key; Pre-Orders Being Shipped to Customers PR Newswire
2017-11-02 Episode 1 of All the Internet of Things from Adafruit and Digi-Key digikey adafruit Adafruit Blog
2017-10-30 Neonode zForce AIR Touch Sensors Available Globally from Digi-Key Globe Newswire
2017-10-30 Wie ein Distributor eine Kleinstadt im Mittleren Westen prägt
2017-10-11 The Digital Discovery Gets a Digi-Key Training Module DIGILENT BLOG
2017-10-11 XMOS Alexa development kit available from Digi-Key Electronics Weekly
2017-10-11 You Get What You Pay For | There’s Truth Behind This Age-Old Saying Electronics Sourcing Online
2017-10-10 Digi-Key Ships Sierra Wireless mangOH Red Hardware Platform EPSNews
2017-09-28 Digi-Key Offers DisplayTech LCD Modules, Driver Boards EPSNews
2017-09-26 BeagleBoard’s USB stick computer packs an ARM multicore Electronics Weekly
2017-09-22 Digi-Key Adds New 3D Models for Vishay Optoelectronics EPSNews
2017-09-22 Symbols & Footprints For Vishay Parts Now On Digi-Key! SnapEDA
2017-09-18 Digi-Key on track to add 1,000 new employees in expansion project in Thief River Falls WDAZ
2017-09-18 Digi-Key Stocks Viking Memory and Storage Solutions EPSNews
2017-09-13 Viking Technology Memories Climb Aboard At Digi-Key Electronic Specifier
2017-09-11 New in Digi-Key Article Library: Rapid Development of a Compact Mobile Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring System TechWire International
2017-09-05 Digi-Key Ships TinyCircuits Portfolio of Small Open Source Electronics EPSNews
2017-09-05 Digi-Key Wins Supplier Plaudit From Trivo Technologies Electronic Specifier
2017-09-05 Trivo Awards Digi-Key with Best Supplier for NPI of the Year electronics maker
2017-09-05 Understanding, Selecting, and Using Passive Oscilloscope Probes Now in Digi-Key Article Library TechWire International
2017-08-31 TinyCircuits on sale at Digi-Key Electronics Weekly
2017-08-24 Racing to the Future: Adafruit, TE, and Digikey Visit the Andretti Formula E Paddock @TEConnectivity @Digikey @Adafruit Adafruit Blog
2017-08-23 Digi-Key Adds RayVio UV LEDs EPSNews
2017-08-22 Emerging LED Technology Joins Digi-Key’s Global Linecard Electronic Specifier
2017-08-21 Digi-Key Introduces the Pmod NAV and Pmod JSTK2 DIGILENT BLOG
2017-08-16 Digi-Key Adds Lantronix To Global Linecard Electronic Specifier
2017-08-16 Lantronix Products Now Available Globally From Digi-Key Electronics Globe Newswire
2017-08-08 Circuit Playground Pizza Box DJ Adafruit Blog
2017-08-08 The Digi-Key difference @digikey #makerbusiness Adafruit Blog
2017-08-01 The Digi-Key Difference Prairie Business
2017-07-28 New Product Discoveries with Randall Restle Adafruit Blog
2017-07-21 Digi-Key, Radiocrafts Sign Global Pact Electronic Specifier
2017-07-18 ERP Power and Digi-Key Sign Distribution Agreement Business Wire
2017-07-18 ERP Power Goes Global With Digi-Key Electronic Specifier
2017-07-18 Formula E #MyMiniRaceCar Adafruit Blog
2017-07-12 OpenScope MZ- Now at Digi-Key! DIGILENT BLOG
2017-06-07 Adafruit, Digi-Key & TE Connectivity Team Up To Bring Electric Car Racing to Everyone! #MyMiniRaceCar @digikey @teconnectivity Adafruit Blog
2017-05-25 Keystone Electronics Recognizes Digi-Key with Platinum Level Distributor Sales Award PR Newswire
2017-05-24 Bel Fuse Awards Digi-Key EPSNews
2017-05-23 Littelfuse Honors Digi-Key Electronics as 2016 High Service Distributor of the Year Business Wire
2017-05-22 Amphenol Industrial Awards Digi-Key EPSNews
2017-05-22 Balancing MCU Performance & Power Consumption with Integrated Features – Just Published by Digi-Key TechWire International
2017-05-22 Digi-Key Premiers: Jumpstart IoT Product Development with the Electric Imp Platform – by Jacob Beningo TechWire International
2017-05-22 Digi-Key signs Imec spin-off taking IoT design mainstream Electronics Weekly
2017-05-22 Maker Faire Bay Area 2017: Circuit Playground at Digi-Key Adafruit Blog
2017-05-19 Digi-Key Puts Pimoroni On Global Platform Electronic Specifier
2017-05-08 Digi-Key and Mentor offer makers free PCB design tool Electronics Weekly
2017-05-08 Digi-Key Just Published: Design a Low-Power Edge Tier Node for the Industrial IoT TechWire International
2017-05-08 The Greening of the Electronics Supply Chain SourceToday
2017-05-08 Understanding Antenna Specifications and Operation by Award Winning Editor Bill Schweber TechWire International
2017-04-11 Marktech, Digi-Key Meet Custom Detector Need Electronic Specifier
2017-04-03 Telcodium Announces Distribution Partnership with Digi-Key Electronics PRWeb
2017-03-16 Company seeks tax breaks state aid to expand in northwest Minnesota West Fargo Pioneer
2017-03-15 Digi-Key’s Doherty Heads ECIA Board EPSNews
2017-03-15 ON Semiconductor Honors Digi-Key with 2016 Global High Service Distributor Award electronics maker
2017-03-07 Digi-Key considering 200 million expansion in Thief River Falls Star Tribune
2017-03-06 Digi-Key Adds DFRobot Dev Products EPSNews
2017-02-28 Digi-Key Expands Analog Devices Product Portfolio EPSNews
2017-01-30 Digi-Key blends product and guidance on website for makers EDN Europe
2017-01-16 Digi-Keyは豊富な品ぞろえと先進サービスで“日本の技術革新”を支援する EETimes Japan
2016-12-16 Digi International honours Digi-Key with 2016 Distributor of the Year award; acknowledges strong sales and customer growth CIE
2016-12-16 Digi-Key Now Offers E-A-R Products Global Purchasing
2016-12-16 Transphorm's fully packaged GaN FETs available via Digi-Key semiconductor TODAY
2016-12-14 II-VI Marlow Announces Distribution Partnership with Digi-Key Electronics Globe Newswire
2016-12-09 Digi-Key offers DoE Level VI and CoC Tier 2 power supplies Electronics Weekly
2016-12-01 Digi-Key at electronica 2016 YouTube
2016-11-25 Student Drives Off In Digi-Key’s Brand New Cadillac Electronic Specifier
2016-11-22 electronica Students Go Home With Digi-Key Prizes Electronic Specifier
2016-11-18 Challenges Facing Electronics Component Distributors YouTube
2016-11-11 Electronica: Digi-Key boasts post-Brexit success Electronics Weekly
2016-10-11 Digi-Key Stocks Ametherm ACCU-Curve NTC Thermistors EPSNews
2016-10-10 Digi-Key Honored as Readers’ Choice Most Favorite Electronics Component Distributor electronics maker
2016-06-27 KEMET Awards Digi-Key 2015 High Service Distributor of the Year Award Marketwired
2016-06-24 Adafruit's engineer, Limor "ladyada" Fried interviews Digikey CEO Dave Doherty @digikey @makerio YouTube
2016-06-17 Winning Big: Digi-Key Scoops Awards Trio Electronic Specifier
2016-06-09 Seeed Studio BeagleBone Green Wireless Now Available for Immediate Shipment from Digi-Key EON: Enhanced Online News
2016-05-23 Digi-Key Expands ARM Partnership EPSNews
2016-05-23 EBN@C-Level: Digi-Key's President & COO Dave Doherty Talks Electronics EBN
2016-04-28 Digi-Key – Kits for design solutions with audio applications (Soberton Inc 433-1113-KIT) electropages
2016-04-27 Digi-Key – Improved performance and extended service life for remote motion detection electropages
2016-04-26 Digi-Key – Capacitors which give 3,000 hours of operation for automotive and transmission modules (United Chemi-Con EGVD630ELL132MM30H) electropages
2016-04-22 Digi-Key Strengthens Opto, Sensors Offering Electronic Specifier
2016-04-22 Excelitas Technologies, Digi-Key Electronics Announce Distribution Agreement Novus Light
2016-03-24 Sensirion signs worldwide distribution with Digi-Key EETimes Europe
2015-12-22 Small Things Come In Big Packages Retrocomputing with 90's SPARC
2015-11-24 A great time to be a customer: Interview with Digi-Key's Mark Larson New Electronics
2015-11-17 Digi-Key eyes the IoT market Electronics Weekly
2015-10-28 Future of Electronic Component Distribution Radio Electronics
2015-10-27 Machine learning sets the pace of distribution EETimes Europe
2015-10-22 Interview mit Digi-Key-Präsident und COO Dave Doherty: Auf alles vorbereitet (Markt&Technik)
2015-10-15 The Power Triangle in Electronic Component Specifying and Purchasing Design News
2015-10-13 Interview with Mr. Dave Doherty, The new President of Digi-Key, on his visit to Israel New-Tech Magazine
2015-09-29 New head of Digi-Key talks to Electronics Weekly Electronics Weekly
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2014-11-06 Digi-Key lancerer PCB-designværktøjer fra Mentors 'laboratorium'
2014-11-05 Affordable EDA/CAD tools feature huge library Electronic Products Magazine
2014-11-05 CAO de cartes Digi-Key et Mentor Graphics L Embarque
2014-11-05 De nouveaux outils faible coût pour les concepteurs de cartes electronique-eci
2014-11-05 Digi-Key och Mentor satsar på makers
2014-11-05 Leiterplatten-Tools von Digi-Key und Mentor elektronik informationen
2014-11-05 Platinendesigns kostensparend entwerfen (Markt&Technik)
2014-11-04 Digi-Key – Innovative and affordable tools for the PCB design engineer electropages
2014-11-04 Digi-Key lizensiert Mentor-Graphics-Werkzeuge
2014-11-04 Digi-Key, Mentor collaborate to target low cost tools market New Electronics
2014-11-04 Digi-Key & Mentor Graphic Launch New EDA Tools EBN
2014-11-04 Mentor Graphics leverages Digi-Key's connections with low-cost tool EETimes Europe
2014-11-04 New EDA Tools Accelerate Path to Production Product Design and Development
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2014-10-30 Digi-Key, fatturato europeo 2014 a livelli record
2014-10-30 Digi-Key osiągnie w 2014 r. rekordowe przychody ze sprzedaży elektronikab2b
2014-10-30 Digi-Key: Satsing i Europa gir resultater
2014-10-30 Digi-Key's omsætning i Europa vokser med 26 procent
2014-10-30 Maker Movement ep&t
2014-10-29 Forte progression en 2014 du CA européen de Digi-Key electronique-eci
2014-10-28 Digi-Key encouraged by growth New Electronics
2014-10-28 Digi-Key växer starkt i Europa
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2014-05-22 Mentor Graphics and Digi-Key bring low-cost EDA tool for PCB design EETimes Europe
2014-05-22 Mentor seeks component data in PCB design tie-up with Digi-Key Tech Design Forum
2014-05-21 Mentor, Digi-Key Team on Low-Cost Schematic Tool Printed Circuit Design & Fab
2014-05-21 Value-CADed Manufacturing.Net
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2014-05-05 Medical Implants, Ultra-Low Power Sensors, and Energy Harvesting Medical Design Technology
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2014-03-15 Digi-Key surpasses the million electronic components in stock available through BOM Manager
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