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Image of TE Connectivity AMP's NanoRF Edge Launch Connectors
NanoRF Edge Launch Connectors

TE's NanoRF Edge Launch connector offers high density and ruggedness over SMPM and SMPS edge launch options and integrates the RF above an optical interconnect.

Image of TE's LUMAWISE Endurance S2 Zhaga Book 18 / Z10 Street Light Connectors
LUMAWISE Endurance S2 Zhaga Book 18 / Z10 Street Light Connectors

TE Connectivity (TE)’s LUMAWISE Endurance S connector system is a complete set of products specially designed for street and area lighting.

Image of TE Connectivity AMP's EMC Shielding Modular Insert
EMC Shielding Modular Insert

TE Connectivity's (TE) EMC shielding modular insert is designed to provide EMC protection solutions in modular systems.

Image of Amphenol Aerospace's High Voltage Circular Connectors
High-Voltage Circular Connectors

Amphenol Aerospace's HV38999 connectors safely carry high voltages and large currents while remaining partially discharge free to extend connector life.

Image of Amphenol RF's SMA to AMC Ultraminiature Cable Assemblies
SMA to AMC Ultraminiature Cable Assemblies

Amphenol RF’s SMA to AMC ultraminiature cable assemblies are available in both IP67 and non-IP67 configurations on industry-standard micro-coax cable types.

Image of Toshiba's TLP223GA and TLP223J Photorelays
TLP223GA and TLP223J Photo Relays

Toshiba TLP223GA and TLP223J photo relays for power lines up to 400 V and 600 V with high temperature and low input power.

Image of Maxim's MAX77540 High Efficiency Step-Down Converter
MAX77540 High-Efficiency Step-Down Converter

Maxim's MAX77540 high-efficiency step-down converter is ideal for battery-powered, space-constrained equipment.

Image of Amphenol Wilcoxon’s A-M12 Series Cable Assemblies
A-M12 Series Cable Assemblies

Amphenol Wilcoxon’s A-M12 cable assemblies with IP67 rating support the process industry’s requirements for durable, reliable cable assemblies.

Image of Analog Devices' LT8722 Monolithic Full Bridge DC/DC Converter
LT8722 Monolithic Full Bridge DC/DC Converter

Analog Devices' LT8722 can deliver up to 54 W of power to meet the needs of the latest thermoelectric coolers (TEC).

Image of Laird's NoiseSorb NS1000
NoiseSorb NS1000 Series RF Absorber Sheet

Laird's NoiseSorb NS1000 series is an ultra-thin low-frequency near field RF absorber sheet active from 20 Mhz to 3 Ghz.

Image of Analog Devices' ADR1399 Precision Shunt Reference
ADR1399 Precision Shunt Reference

The ultra-low noise and temperature coefficient of Analog Devices' ADR1399 precision shunt resistor enable higher bit counts.

Image of Analog Devices' ADN4680E Quad M-LVDS Transceivers
ADN4680E Quad M-LVDS Transceivers

ADI's ADN4680E quad M-LVDS transceivers operate at industrial temps of -40⁰C to +105⁰C with low power consumption for high-density backplane applications.

Image of Texas Instruments' OPA4991 40 V Low Noise Op-Amp
OPA4991/-Q1 40 V Low-Offset-Voltage Low Noise Op-Amp

Texas Instruments' OPA4991/-Q1 40 V robust, high-performance, low-noise op-amps are suitable for high-voltage industrial/automotive industrial applications.

Functional Safety
Functional Safety

Microchip offers dependable products in a variety of industries to help you meet the functional safety requirements needed, while minimizing cost & time.

Image of Texas Instruments' Automotive 4-Channel Inductance-to-Digital Converter
LDC3114-Q1 Automotive 4-Channel Inductance-to-Digital Converter

Texas Instruments' LDC3114-Q1 automotive, 4-channel inductive-sensing converter enables touch-button design on HMI for a variety of materials.