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Image of MEAN WELL's XLG-25/50 Series LED Drivers
XLG-25/50 Series LED Drivers

MEAN WELL's XLG series of waterproof LED drivers can be used for LED bay lighting, street lighting, horticulture lighting, and floodlight applications.

Image of Microchip MIC28515 Switching Buck Regulators
MIC28515 Switching Buck Regulators

The MIC28515 from Microchip Technology is an adjustable frequency, synchronous buck regulator that features a unique adaptive on-time control architecture.

Image of Bantam Tools' Desktop PCB Milling Machine Bundle
Desktop PCB Milling Machine Advanced Bundle

Bantam Tools' desktop PCB milling machine advanced bundle comes with a 2-year warranty when the required parts are purchased together.

Image of ECS ECX-1637B Quartz Crystal
ECX-1637B Quartz Crystal

ECS' ECX-1637B miniature tight stability SMD crystal is offered in a 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.45 mm industry standard ceramic package.

Image of MACOM MAPS-010145 4-Bit Digital Phase Shifter
MAPS-010145 4-bit Digital Phase Shifter

MACOM’s MAPS-010145 is a 4-bit digital phase shifter with an integrated CMOS driver in a 4 mm plastic, surface-mount package.

Image of TE Connectivity's RZF Series Power Relays
RZF Series Power Relays

TE Connectivity’s RZF series is a line of compact relays that offer through-hole technology (THT) printed circuit board (PCB) terminals.

Image of ECS ECX-2236B Quartz Crystal
ECX-2236B Quartz Crystal

ECS' ECX-2236B is a miniature, tight stability, SMD crystal in a 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.55 mm industry standard ceramic package.

Image of Amphenol's QSFP DD Connectors
QSFP DD Connectors

Amphenol ICC's QSFP DD interconnect system is comprised of a 76-position, 0.8 mm pitch connector built for use in high-speed serial applications.

Image of TDK's VFS Series Noise Suppression Filters
VFS Series Noise Suppression Filters

TDK's VFS series filters are compact noise suppression components for home appliances that accommodate high currents.

Image of STMicroelectronics' ST25R3916 High-Performance NFC Universal Device and EMVCo Reader
ST25R3916 High-Performance NFC Universal Device and EMVCo Reader

STMicroelectronics' ST25R3916 is a high-performance NFC universal device supporting NFC initiator, NFC target, NFC reader, and NFC card emulation modes.

Image of Schtoeta's ESP32-WROOM-32
ESP32-WROOM-32 Wi-Fi Bluetooth® Module

Schtoeta's ESP32-WROOM-32 is a powerful low-power Wi-Fi Bluetooth® module that targets a wide variety of applications.

Image of MACOM's MADT-011000-DIE
MADT-011000-DIE Power Detector

MACOM's MADT-011000-DIE is a single-ended, internally matched power detector with wide frequency range and high dynamic range.

Image of KOA's WG73 Series Flat Chip Resistors
WG73 Series Wide Terminal Surge Current Flat Chip Resistors

KOA's WG73 wide terminal type surge current flat chip resistor is superior to the WK73 in pulse withstanding voltage.

Image of KOA's RN73H1E Ultra Precision Chip Resistors
RN73H1E Ultra Precision Chip Resistors

KOA's RN73H metal chip resistors feature power rating of 0.063 W to 0.25 W, resistances up to 1 MΩ, and maximum working voltages between 50 V and 400 V.

Image of Bourns' SM453229-231N7Y/SM453229-381N7Y Chip LAN Transformers
SM453229-231N7Y/SM453229-381N7Y Chip LAN Transformers

Bourns® SM453229-xx1N7Y Chip LAN transformers and common mode chip inductors are well-suited for use in a variety of telecommunication and network devices.