Donald Bell Maker Update: Take My Picture

4/8/2021 | By Staff

This week on Maker Update: An Arduino portrait painter, tufting rugs, an RC snow speeder, DIY motion-control camera rigs, a scratch-built industrial robot arm, LED stick person costume, and an answer to the question “should I have used a 555 timer?”

Guest host: Becky Stern

++Show Notes [Maker Update Ep.227]++

-=Project of the Week=-

Portable Portrait Painter by Ben Lucy

-=More Projects=-

RC Sno-Speeder by Simple Electronics

Rug Tufting 101 by BrittLiv

Example of rug tufting #1: Shmoxd YouTube channel

Example of rug tufting #2: CurieGOAT YouTube channel

Fist-Controlled Orbiting Camera Robot by Pave Workshop

Automated Overhead Camera Assistant by KronBjorn

7-Axis Articulated Robot by Jeremy Fielding

LED Stick Person Costume by Erin St. Blaine

-=Tips & Tools=-

Miami PCB Vise by Colin Hickey

Replace Batteries in an Old UPS by MKme Lab

Arduino vs 555 Timer Comparison by Clem/Mayer Makes for element14



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