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Donald Bell Maker Update: Dream House

11/19/2020 | By Staff

This week on Maker Update: a miniature mansion, a light-up guitar, fabulous masks, a superstar costume, a coloring book vase, and chocolate Pikachu.

Guest host: Sophy Wong

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++Show Notes [Maker Update #209]++

-=Project of the Week=-

The Addams Family Dollhouse by Ara Bentley


Hackaday Remoticon Talks and Workshops Going up on Youtube

-=More Projects=-

Glamourous Masks by Gertie

DIY Photography Station for Food Bloggers by Homemade Modern

How to Make a Chocolate Pikachu by Alexandre Chappel

Lamp Made out of Trash by Laura Kampf

DIY Smart glasses by Sam March

3D Printed Guitar by Joshendy via Hackaday

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume by Techno Chic

-=Channel Spotlight=-

SheProp YouTube Channel & Podcast

-=Tips & Tools=-

Coloring PLA 3D prints with alcohol-based markers by Geeky Faye Art

Tips for Projects in a Limited Workspace

Creality CR-30 3D Print Mill in action - 3D Printing Nerd

5 DIY White Wash Finishes for Wood by Homemade Modern

Quick Look: Brother Scan and Cut - Make: Workshop

Getting Started with Sparkfun's ALC Service - Shawn Hymel for DigiKey

How to adjust sewn mask patterns for better fit

CoreGeek Gold Mandalorian Helmet



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