Donald Bell Maker Update: Invisible Touch

1/13/2022 | By Staff

This week on Maker Update, touching things that aren’t there, old lenses for new cameras, the value of reading the data sheet, slicer settings, exposure settings, tool settings, and 50 tips for stepping up your CAD game.

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++Show Notes [Maker Update Ep. 265]++

-=Project of the Week=-

$60 haptic feedback VR gloves by Lucas VRTech

-=More Projects=-

Modular PingPong display by David Vogt

Action Camera with Vintge Lens by W&M Levsha

Passive Mixer by Blitz City DIY

-=Tips & Tools=-

Printable USB- Dupont Power adapter by PROSCH

Settings Guide plugin for Cura

50 CAD tips by Jeremy Fielding

Gareth's Tips Tools and Shop Tales newsletter

I Got a Probe Macro lens by Crafsman Steady Craftin

-=Digi-Key Spotlight=-

Calculating PCB Trace Width



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