Donald Bell Maker Update: Eternal September

6/16/2022 | By Staff

This week on Maker Update: a 56K warning, a Mangle Rack Clock Movement, telegram notifications for your home, measuring tape tips, metal engraving techniques and getting random numbers from bananas.

++Show Notes [Maker Update Ep.287]

-=Project of the Week=-

The Internet Time Machine by The Science Elf

-=More Projects=-

Lego Mangle Rack Clock by Akiyuki Brick Channel

WhatsApp Notifier for Your Home by GreatScott!!

Random Numbers from Bananas by Valerio Nappi

-=Tips & Tools=-

Measuring Tape Tips by Stumpy Nubs

Laser Engraving vs Hand Engraving Metal by Caleb Kraft

Humidity Gauge Made of Wood by gardeningjanrichard

Milling Tips with Blondiehacks

-=Digi-Key Spotlight=-

How to Test Fuses Without a Multimeter



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