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Digi-Key is proud to partner with TechShop to help educate their members about the latest technologies and introduce future Maker Professionals to innovative solutions. Every two months Digi-Key and TechShop will team up to focus on a new project that will be posted on and available via a class at a local TechShop.

For round 4 of Try It @ TechShop, we will be working with our friends at Adafruit to make a Bluetooth controlled, temperature sensing Formula E racer!

My Mini Race Car

Get ready to race down the track with your Feather microcontroller-based Mini Race Car! You'll build this high performance racer, using the Bluetooth LE capable Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE board, Motor Driver FeatherWing, and TE HTU21D-F temperature & humidity sensor to give you racetrack telemetry data.

Mini Race Car Mini Race Car Kit

Kit Contents:

Feather, USB Cable, & Batteries:

Feather, USB Cable, & Batteries:

Prototyping Parts and Components:

Ready to race?

Check out the My Mini Race Car project!

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