The Hacksmith: Remote Controlling a Baja with an Arduino

By The Hacksmith

In their never ending quest to create a Batmobile, the Hacksmith team decided to tackle one Batmobile feature that has been around since the Tim Burton movies: Remote control. One of the coolest features of the Batmobile is that Batman doesn’t even need to be in the driver’s seat for his ride to kick butt. Let’s just hope that the Penguin never comes to Kitchener, Ontario…

Unfortunately, the Hacksmith team are not billionaires like Bruce Wayne, so they are adding features to the Bat Baja slowly. So far, they’ve converted the Bat Baja to have an electric engine, added blinding LEDs, and occasionally shoot roman candles from it. Check out how they added remote control in the video below!


BOM and Schematic


How Does it Work?

A windshield wiper motor from an old Mazda 3 was coupled to the main steering column. This allows for the wheel to be turned when the person controlling the Bat Baja steers with the remote. They are still working adding brakes to the controls, and fixing the manual brakes… The system still doesn’t have reverse either. The accelerator is wired directly to the speed controller, so the system needs to be turned off to switch between driving it manually and being remote controlled. The system will need some upgrades before anyone can leap out of it during a car chase…

The remote control system is powered by a 12V LiPo battery that is separate from the 12 batteries powering the engine. At the center of the system is an Arduino Nano, which relays the information sent from the remote to the H-bridge that’s connected to windshield wiper motor that’s used to turn the steering wheel. The Arduino Nano also relays the information for accelerating, and presumably the brakes and reverse if those are added.

The Bat Baja is an ever evolving project, so you can see live updates on the Hacksmith Vlog Channel on Youtube. Also, be sure to check out the other Hacksmith creations on!

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