Asi, a 3D Printed Wearable Robot Friend

By Jorvon Moss

Asi, short for Anansi, from the African folklore tale, is a wearable robot that can be worn on your head. I designed Asi to be lightweight and with the ball joint legs strong enough to hold on to your head.

Print the Parts

The first thing is to print the parts. Files can be downloaded here: Since this is a heavy 3D print project, you will either need a printer or just use the Digi-Key 3D Printing service.


  • Bottom Ball rack x1
  • Ball ring X1
  • Teeth Rack x1
  • Front Jaw x1
  • Servo Base x1
  • Ring x1
  • Asi Legs x4
  • Small Asi legs x2
  • Logo Head x1
  • Eyes x1



  • 6x5-Bolt x6
  • Nuts x6


  • Adafruit Trinket x1
  • Servo x1
  • LEDs x4
  • Battery x1 (I prefer Adafruit lithium batteries)


After you print your parts, I recommend gluing the Bottom sections together as shown.


As I have stated before, this is a heavy 3D print project, so I recommend printing these parts and the legs first because it's the fastest way. Once you print the legs, attach them with the screw and bolt. If everything was done correctly, you should have these parts on your desk.



The Electronics

I used the same circuit and code for the Asi bots that was used in a Zelda build on Adafruit, so PLEASE take a look. (


Of course, I recommend putting the circuit together first, but make sure you print the eye sockets and glue the LEDs inside them before attaching the full circuit. You will want to make sure the wires can reach.


Fit the circuit inside the open area of the Ball ring.


Next, get the servo and the printed servo base. Stick the servo into the base and attach it to the ball ring. I recommend using hot glue. There is a cut in the servo base where the wires can slide through.


Make sure you test the circuit to make sure the servo works, and the LEDs light up.

Attach a servo horn to the top of the Asi Head


Attach the servo from the base to the head. If you have trouble aligning the holes, take the servo out of the holder, attach it to the head, then slide it back into the servo holder.


It may look a little off, but that's fine. The final piece, the “Ring”, goes over the head, hiding the uneven part.

Then you’re done. I hope this was easy to follow along with, but you can check out the video of the Asi Spider bot for more info.



Key Parts and Components

Add all Digi-Key Parts to Cart
  • 1528-1021-ND
  • 1528-1080-ND
  • 1568-1686-ND
  • 1528-1076-ND
  • 732-5016-ND
  • RS125-KIT-ND